Sunday, April 8, 2012

Charles Parker: Hit the Reset Button - Today

Today (Sunday) is a holy day for Christians.  It is Easter - the day Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  People of that faith believe that this day signifies for them the opportunity to receive life after death - everlasting life it is called.

However, the overall significance of the day can extend beyond just the Christian faith.  Easter is about new beginnings, new starts, hitting the reset button on our lives and our relationships.

For me - the major new beginning occurred in 1994 - March 1st to be exact.  It was the day I quit drinking.

I had started young and had continued with a vengeance.  I had a lot of fun along the way - no doubt.  But ultimately drinking ruined my college experience (the first time) and contributed to the ruination of a marriage.  Drinking put me in the criminal justice system.  Drinking distorted reality for me.

When friends urged me to quit I had no idea why I had gotten like I had gotten.  Was it a physical addiction - a psychological problem - a societal issue - or a spiritual deficiency?  Something else? I didn’t know so I attacked the problem from all angles. 

I went to in-patient treatment for a week.  I went to out-patient counseling for six months.  I went to Alcoholics Anonymous for about a year.  I changed my diet and my routine and my friends (for a time).  I exercised.  And most importantly, I went back to church and engaged God in the process.

I got a new start.

So today, I ask many of you to make a new start - to make an adjustment to your lifestyle.  I am not one of those who counsel people not to drink.  If you can drink responsibly and in moderation, enjoy.  I can’t, but you can.  However, there is an aspect of drinking alcohol that you can change - driving.

Please - make yesterday the last day you drive after drinking.  Keep the rest of us safe.  Heck, call me if you need a ride.  Just start today.


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