Friday, May 18, 2012

Charles Parker: Romney's First Impression - Not Liberal

During the first few days of his presidency, Barack Obama set his liberal tone in stone.  A moderate he is not.

In a nod to the anti-war left, he suspended all military tribunals for terrorist detainees and ordered that the Guantanamo detention facility be closed.

As a gift to the environmental left. he raised fuel efficiency standards for all 2011 auto models. 

And for the pro-choicers, he ended the Mexico City policy, which had banned federal funds to international groups that provide abortions.  He also funded the United Nations Fund for Population Activities, which is an abortion activist group and promotes the one-child policy of China.

Thankfully, the president has been restricted by Congress regarding terrorism policy - and frankly has been a solid warrior much of the time.  Three years later, terrorists are being tried by the military at Guantanamo, drones strikes are killing terrorists, and Osama bin Laden is dead.

But - at the same time - Obama recently renegotiated higher fuel standards with carmakers and unions and has doubled-down on green energy.  His stimulus packages were cash cows for renewable energy companies and he keeps pouring money into businesses that just aren’t delivering energy or jobs.

As well, President Obama has steadfastly stood for abortions - nominating pro-choice Supreme Court justices and fighting through ObamaCare to make religious institutions go against their church polity.

Contrast this left-wing agenda with a new Mitt Romney ad that outlines what his first day as President Romney would entail.

First, Romney will approve the Keystone Pipeline.  The Obama administration has bowed to the environmental lobby to stop this construction project.  They say that one small part of it in one state could cause huge environmental problems.  Well, the path has been re-routed - the jobs await - the oil can freely flow.  This is a reasonable first step to energy independence and solid job creation.

Second, Romney’s ad promotes tax cuts to help grow the economy.  Liberals whine that this is turning back the clock and doesn’t work.  The fact is that tax cuts stimulate the economy when accompanied by spending cuts.  A Republican-controlled Congress will do both.  Romney needs coat-tails and by November, he will have them and GOP majorities in both ends of the Capitol.

Finally, of course, a President Romney will issue an order to replace ObamaCare with some common sense health care reforms.  The CBO admits the Affordable Care Act will bust an already overburdened federal budget.  Polls show over and over that the people realize it is a pig-in-a-poke.  And the fact is that what the president said is just not true - you may not be able to keep your insurance if you like what you have.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression.  President Obama is a liberal.  Mitt Romney is not.

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