Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Charles Parker: Hey Mitch and Matt: How About Some Answers?

I am fairly easy to get along with.  And I try not to make assumptions about others’ motives.  But, I don’t like to get jerked around either.
I have been covering the ongoing saga of the $8.5 million digitizing contract between the Brevard County Clerk of Courts office and BlueWare/BlueGem since the summer.  I have covered it objectively and fairly.  I have given all sides airtime.  I have not jumped to unfounded conclusions.  I have been proud of the work product.
But I’m starting to get irritated - and hence - suspicious.  So with suspicion comes my now subjective look at things.
You see, every time I’ve written a story, more questions are raised.  So I have tried to follow-up with the principals involved - primarily Mitch Needelman, one of his research clerks, or anyone at BlueWare/BlueGem that would respond to an email.  It has been generally futile.
Within the last couple of weeks, I have begun to hear helicopters - I’m just not sure if they are black ones or not.  And though he has yet to provide what I deem as solid proof of corruption, Scott Ellis might have been right all along.  I have concluded this not by what Needelman and BlueWare have said or done, but because of what they have not said and done.
I wrote a story on October 17 to outline where the scanning process stood.  The Clerk’s office and BlueWare jumped at the chance to crow.  But then, questions were raised about staffing and facilities.  So on November 1, I followed up and the Clerk’s office directed my inquiry to BlueWare.  Over the next two weeks, I wrote two stories about how neither side would respond to the legitimate questions.
Finally, on Saturday November 17, Matt DuPree - the elusive ex-partner of Needelman and now BlueWare manager - emailed me and asked for me to call.  I did and we spoke for about 30 minutes.  He answered previous questions and agreed to meet me at their new facility the following Wednesday. 
But - of course - that story raised even more questions.  And then DuPree cancelled our appointment.  And he didn’t respond to my text.
So, on November 29, I sent an email to Needelman, his research clerk, DuPree, and a BlueWare staffer.  I asked for some basic information that should be a part of any government contract:
1. Performance bond contractual information as it relates to deliverables for the digitizing contract with BlueGem/BlueWare
2. Breakdown of BlueGem/BlueWare contractor costs, including salaries, benefits, equipment lease/purchase, other overhead
3. Copies of any contracts that contractor - BlueGem/BlueWare - has with subcontractors regarding digitizing work, including scanning, transportation, redaction, destruction.
My inbox is still empty.  And Rose Harr won’t even accept my Facebook friend request.
I worked for a government contractor for 10 years and helped write many proposals.  Every time we bid on a contract, we had to supply deliverables, costs, and subcontractor information.  While we were rocket scientists, it was not rocket science.  We were asking to use taxpayer dollars - and taxpayers have a right to know this stuff.  And we still do.
I assume Mitch is simply trying to last until January. And Matt said he worked mostly with the Blue Group overseas.  Evidently neither wants responsibility or accountability.
I’m an old ACC basketball fan.  I spent years watching the Tar Heels and the Dean Smith four-corner offense run out the clock.  But it won’t work on me.  You see, I know how to beat it - attack the ball aggressively, foul occasionally to stop the clock, and make it count when you get a shot.
So - let’s play ball.


  1. i have to say, i think this is one of the better reports ive read in a long time

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  2. The stories are pretty good but the blogs have been filled with information. Florida Today used to get this as well when they allowed anonymous postings: the reader needed to sort fact from fiction.
    The Blueware scanning contract has been financed/purchase by Hewlett Packard. I'e been in touch with them and they clammed up rock solid, but in the process it may have slowed or killed the latest scam to buy 600 PCs from HP via another spinoff company where Rose Harr can be an 'agent' (that's three entities getting some vig).
    My public records request for new IT and Attorney contracts and payments have been unanswered for many weeks. I am just shocked the Clerk would sandbag public records.

  3. Mr. Parker months ago I emailed you anonymously. I tried to get you to listen to a third party, but you wouldn’t. I understand you had trepidation regarding Mr. Ellis theory, but you really needed to listen to a third party that could help you come to this conclusion a lot sooner. I understand most believe Brevard County is a small county, where corruption wouldn’t exist, but as you are finding it can happen even in the smallest of communities. Mr. Needelman destroyed lives for his and his friends to benefit from. All done for money, greed, power, and vindictiveness. All at the hands of a egotistical flamboyant megalomaniacs. This man and his cronies turned a office upside down and laughed while doing it. Take out the lives that were destroyed and just focus on the millions of dollars that were spent at OUR EXPENSE! Please don’t forget the other leaders in this community that backed him while doing this. While you are starting to realize the helicopters might be landing, please know there is much more. I urge you Mr. Parker, talk to others you won’t believe what more is to uncover. Look into why the staff attorney has left, and why other bonuses have been handed out in the past 30 days under the guise of severance packages even though these people are still employed with the Clerk of Courts. Sounds to me like they are hedging their bets in case they get found out or just saving for their legal defense. Here’s a great one, one commissioner is considering hiring Mr. Needelman’s assistant and don’t forget Mr. Ziegler openly endorsed Mr. Needelman. Why would they do that? Had the media covered this story properly we would not have all these people still in office. Don’t you think it’s odd that these people went against Mr. Ellis who all along put himself on the backburner to stop all of this madness. I have watched and listened to what Mr. Needelman and his cronies have done. I can promise you one thing Mr. Parker, this writer who might be writing anonymously will continue to be a thorn in all of these people’s side until the very end. We are not crazy, we are just people that know right from wrong. Some took attacks from others on this very webpage for doing and writing the right thing. Come January I’m sure Mr. Ellis will openly handover everything that was done and I can only hope that you will tell the employees of the Brevard County Clerk of Court, you’re sorry you didn’t use your ability to get the story out quicker. They deserve that Mr. Parker from you and everyone else that thought Mr. Ellis heard helicopters. Mr. Parker I will apologize if it seems I am attacking you, but sir you must understand the lack of enthusiasm could have cost Mr. Ellis the election which would have only hurt the employees and tax payers.

    1. AMEN!!!! I wondered how long it would take for you all to catch on to her lies, schemes, and ticks!!
      So sad that lots of you WANTED to believe Mitch...

  4. Charles, Nice article. I hate to say it but evertyhing played out the way Matt, Mitch and Rose planned and wanted it to. They created the contract need, accepted only one bid and executed the scam. Once the heat was turned up and Mitch would no longer be in office, they tried to sell the contract to IBM - when they ran, they got HP to take the bait. So Rose got her money, Matt got a great commission check for orchestrating it all and a job as VP of Bluenothing and Mitch - well he was the one who got the short end of the stick. He was supposed to come work for Bluesomething but with all this attention they are looking for a new home for him.

  5. Sounds like that phone call and then follow up meeting at the new location was just a stall tactic so you would stop printing articles that are making them sweat.

    Matt DuPree is not working on business overseas. He spends his days either chasing the Colonel down to go shooting with him to win the new Florida VA bid contract that is getting ready to hit the street or trying to hide from you.

    Yes, he has been on some phone calls for the new business Rose purchased in the UK with the money Brevard County gave her - thank you by the way citizens of Brevard County - but Matt is not involved in overseas business.

    Here are the facts - a BlueWare employee in Michigan wrote the specifications for the Digitizing contract based on the direction of Matt Dupree. Mitch awarded that contract without question or due diligence. Matt received a commission for orchestrating it all and then was hired by BlueWare to manage the contract.

    I am no legal expert but something sounds a little strange here.

  6. I cannot wait for them all to go to jail for stealing from Brevard County's taxpayers!! They are all evil and disgusting to me. Mitch Needelman, you are nothing but pure evil for treating the citizens in this way. When you go down, remember, your grand children. They will have to be known as Mitch Needelman's poor grand children. A label that you have given them. They will see that you used the system to steal millions of dollars from the people of Brevard County. Soon the charade will be over and Mr. Ellis will be able to see all the documents and publish them for all to see. Tick Tock, Tick Tock.

  7. Mr. Parker do not let them get away with this. They have a duty to respond to our questions. If they wanted to be a private company then they should not have accepted a public contract with public money. It is not Rose's money and it is not Mitch's money. It is our money and there are questions that need to be answered.

    I do believe there is corruption and wrong-doings on both sides here - BlueWare and Brevard County.

    I found it interesting Mr. Ellis response that HP has gone quiet. If Rose thinks she pulled on off on a Fortune 500 company and left them with an empty promise and they are not going to collect - she has a big surprise for her in the New Year.

    All I can say is I hope it was all worth it. A lot of people life's have been ruined and justice is about to be served.

  8. Charles - appreciate every time you write about this Scam of the Century and the continuing criminality of these THIEVES that has been allowed to continue for this long. As for worthless FT - the only story you will ever see from them on this is a little blub if & when these cons go to prison. Plus, wasn’t one of their bloggers implicated when this started coming out (Greg something?).

    So, thank you for being on it. However, it sure took you (& apparently our do-nothing authorities) long enough to get to “GAME ON”.

  9. You guys need some national exposure on this and quickly. Your law enforcement and government oversight process is failing you. Call John Stossel and get this out in the national public and you might be able to get some movement.

  10. Charles - have you gotten any info from the EDC on this? I e-mailed Greg Weiner a few months ago asking what was up with the whole Blueware deal. IMO this Commission is nothing but a bunch of overpaid, glorified travel agents with no concern outside their ridiculous salaries, but I did receive a response which confirms my opinion of them. Exactly as the e-mail was written by Weiner:

    Happy to discuss if you would lke to call my office. I can be reached at 321 638 2000.

    Please be assured that,all state and local incnetives arew performance based.

    Best Regards.

  11. The EDC has an audit clause in their contract with the Board. First we'll get the information on how this deal went down. Later, depending on Civil or Criminal actions or both, there may be some depositions.

  12. By the way, the Melbourne Chamber and County Commission appointed Ms. Harr last month to the Brevard Workforce Development Board. The BWDB voted to pay Blueware up to $800,000 to train employees for up to six months, so pretty much this scam contract gets free labor.


  13. You have to hand it to Rose. She is brilliant. She is a thief, crook, swindler, and total sociopath, but she is brilliant. What a tangled web of scams she continues to weave.

  14. In re: Scott at 10:11

    Apparently, our local and state officials consider this woman to be the 8th great wonder. However did Brevard County survive without her?

    Every Brevard tax payer, employee, and biz owner should consider this a direct insult - a slap in the face - from our Commission - you, the current citizens and biz owners of Brevard, are not WORTHY of any PUBLIC FUNDS as economic assistance or incentive, and we had to go all the way to Michigan to find someone so brilliant and deserving of YOUR money.

  15. What's next County Commissioners? A new entry on our property tax bills entitled: The Rose Harr Corporate WELFARE Fund?

  16. The contract was finally uploaded. It is not a contract. It is a PROMISSARY note from the Clerk to Hewlett Packard for $6.1 million at an annual interest rate of 3.55%. More to hit the fan later.

  17. Scott, I am completely disgusted that Needelman has been allowed to remain in office despite this obvious attempt to defraud the tax payers of Brevard County. Where is the oversite? Why have the Brevard County Commissioners not held an emergency meeting on this? I only pray that you can bring back sanity to the Clerk's office, investigate this (I know you will), and have the FDLE arrest these individuals on charges of tax fraud.

  18. The County Commissioners and County Manager never wanted to know what was going on, they may have to then act on it.
    It is much more than tax fraud.
    Investigations go on, unfortunately the corrupt POS shold have been indicted and removed in September and has been left to squander and loot further millions.

  19. Scott,

    What does that mean a Promissory note? Was Bluewhatever paid any money by HP? Is the Prom. note binding on the County?

  20. Ok i am totally confused on this whole work force thing you referenced scott. I followed the link and read the minutes. Rose was nominated to the board and then at her first meeting they approve a $800,000 contract for her. Ok I am not sure how you approve yourself money from a board you are appointed but maybe they like the foxes watching the chickens. But when you start putting the pieces together it gets crazier. The incentive they brag about giving rose to move to Florida was for her to improve the local economy by employing 192 people. The incentive in cash rewards and tax breaks. Now we are going to actually pay her to employ the people she is getting the tax incentives and rebates for? Does any of this make sense?

    The only company in the whole world who can do this blueware who does not even have a working product. Do your homework people and ask the tough questions. Where is the software installed and working and give me contact names and numbers.

  21. News flash ..... Blueware just was nominated the best software company to work for and the most innovative and creative. The nomination and approval was by Rose Harr. Rose Harr will also be presenting herself the key to the city.

    Rose Harr has also suggested we change the name of Melbourne to either BlueVille or RoseTown. When asked why two different names she said she wanted to give people the appearance of a choice.

  22. Promissory Note #4792367500100001
    Amount $6,100,000
    October 23rd, 2012

    If they are smart they are using a chunk of the money to prepay their lawyers.

  23. Mr. Parker, I really find it hard to believe that you haven't chimed in. I also find it funny that Mr. Ellis can find out more in a day than you or any other so called reporter can!

    1. Mr. Anonymous,

      Just so you know, I have three full-time jobs and this is not one of them. In fact, I do not get a regular paycheck for this one. I'm not sure how Mr. Ellis spends his days, but I know I am fairly busy and do not need a lecture from you about my work ethic.

      I have written more on this story than anyone around (including the guys who get paid to report this stuff). I continue to build stories and write/publish them when they are ready and have been properly sourced.


  24. Mr. Parker, my post was more out of frustration, then it was an attack on you. Attacks are not necessary, but I am a person that has suffered from Mr. Needelman’s dealings I do take everything very serious. You have the perfect platform to investigate the issues at hand where we do not. Mr. Ellis is very passionate about this charade and I can only urge you to help get to the bottom of this. I would like to remind you and everyone else, doing the right thing in life should never come with a price. You being a writer and having a place to spread the word to the public with what is going on, is the same thing as helping a person in need. This is your money being spent too. I’m sure your familiar with the MADOFF heist. This is no different. A few men looked at the numbers and knew right away something wasn’t right. However MADOFF was able to continue his scam for many years, where Mr. Ellis and is trying to end the scam immediately. Also you might recall these men all investigated and blew it out of the water for free. I’m not putting you down, I’m simply trying to get you to understand you have more resources and abilities to bring this story to the public then any of us. I have tried very hard not to compare Needelman and his cronies to the MADOFF scheme; however the two run so parallel that it’s frightening. I’m sure Needelman and his cronies are reading this and I hope they realize no one is letting up. Just like those few men that didn’t let up on MADOFF! The ending will be the same for them. Remember history normally does repeat it self!

    1. I am a person that has suffered from Mr. Needelman’s dealings I do take everything very serious.

      So why remain or post anonymous, if you have something to say and it;s that serious step up and be counted.

  25. I want to thank both Mr. Parker and Scott Ellis for their diligence on pursuing this scam and its cover up.

  26. Any outrage toward the media should be directed where deserved, at Florida Today Newspaper who has turned a blind to the biggest local political corruption story in decades.

    They are supposed to be our main print media source who long ago abandoned its readers in the interest of cheap labor that produces error-filled fluff pieces reduced to what I call an ‘event-pamphlet’. They print no news that requires investigation (gasp), isn’t a regurgitation of other source data, or that may eventually lead to crony-corruption (defined as anyone or business that may ever want to place any ad in the paper or knows someone that knows someone that may). Their reporting on this story would have sped things up.

    My 25+ year subscription went from daily to twice a week a few years back. Their lack of reporting on this story was the final nail in the coffin-cancelled. RIP FT. Long live BT and thanks.

  27. Please do not blame Mr. Parker. It is not his fault so many have turned a blind eye. There are a large number of people who are hiding because they are worried about being associated to BlueWare because they sang the praises of this company and their arrival to Melbourne - especially Florida Trend - who have turned a blind eye.

    I think with the lack of actually compelting any scanning or even having a product the company should change the spelling to BlueWhere since no one can get answers to simple questions about what our money has been spent on.

    You heard it here first - January 2013 several individuals will be going to jail and everyone is going to say if we only knew. And the beauty of the internet is we will reference these blogs and Scott and Charles will get the respect and credit they deserve.

  28. I wonder if the anti-Charles Parker notes are being written by someone at Blueware in a feeble attempt discredit him and by association this story. Could they really be that desperate?

  29. Let's look at the facts:

    FDLE is investigating you
    There is talk of serious jail time
    The new BC Clerk of the Court is not only going to cancel your contract but turn everything over to the authorities
    You have no product
    You have been lying for 12 months to everyone
    And HP is going to want some answers to the bad publicity and bad deal you brought them.

    Desperate may not be a strong enough word.

  30. Besides Rose and Matt someone needs to focus on these two other individuals - Jennifer Kenna and Debbie Caldwell. They have been seen jet setting over to the UK every other week on Brevard County money helping Rose and Mitch with this scheme. I am not sure how a company that has had one contract can afford so many expenses with no real product to talk of.

    Jennifer has no real world experience and now she has a very unique position and relation with Rose Harr. Debbie ran a party store and now she is the VP of Operations. The only thing these two do is pose for pictures with Rose and fly all over on our dime. The corruption runs deep there.

    1. oh crap now shes selling real estate~~

      Debbie Caldwell
      Address:232 5th Avenue, Indialantic, FL, 32903
      Office Phone: (321) 951-3300
      Cell Phone:(321) 427-4497
      Fax:(321) 951-3080
      Email: [email protected]

    2. your right I found this on linkedin im sure she is a good realtor in between her flights to UK and she is also a great event planner, bet HP thinks so

      Debbie Caldwell's Experience

      Director of Human Resources BlueWare
      Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Computer Software industry

      June 2012 - Present (9 months) Melboure , Florida

      We are a medical soft ware company , , check us out on Blueware.net,
      Great place to work , very fast and forward moving,We have a great CEO called Rose Harr , she is visionary.

      Realtor Coldwell Banker Paradise
      April 2010 - Present (2 years 11 months) 232 5th Ave Indialantic , Florida

      I live and work in Melbourne , Florida .How lucky am I . I can help you make your home right here . Beautiful beaches , clean air and plenty of things to do , you are only an hour away from Disney and all the other attractions.

      Event co-ordinator and decorator Blank Canvas Event Decorating

      September 2001 - Present (11 years 6 months) Melbourne, Florida Area

      Let us make your event one to remember.We provide you with custom decorations tailored to your event . Make your next celebration one that will be the Talk of The Town .

  31. Please check out this article from Space Coast Magazine -

    The title is People to Watch in 2013. I agree except when they included Rose they should have changed the title to People to Watch Out For in 2013.


    This woman is everywhere. She really needs to spend some time getting the scanning done or getting an actual software product done. This company is half hype and half vaporware.

    I guess that is why she has the party planner and the make believe sales executive to run the ship when she is not in Melbourne. Oh wait that can't be, they are off in the UK spending our money.

  32. I have to admit the depth of the deception is stunning. SpaceCast Business Daily names the Melbourne Chamber of Commerce's appointee to the Brevard Workforce Development Board as a person to watch.
    I'd agree. To date she has collected over SEVEN MILLION DOLLARS from the taxpayers and produced - NOTHING.

  33. What happened to the press conference that was promised for November? How about the open house at the scanning facility Blueware promised? Scott...did you ever get your personal tour of the new scanning facility from Matt Dupree?

    More broken promises and more lies. What a surprise. I am beginning to suspect we cannot trust Kaitlin, Rose, Matt, Debbie, and Jennifer (sarcasm implied).

  34. The building is up and running. It's all free money. Free building and free employees. Then the Clerk goes out and borrows $6.1 million to front you the money on your five year contract which already was overcharged by $6 million.

  35. How else could they do it if it wasn't free. The company has had no revenue until the contract was signed. They could not make payroll or pay expenses until the county gave them the money. And once the money was received and they paid all their owed debts, Rose, Jennifer and Debbie went off for the jet set life spending whatever remaining money there was left. Now the county is on the line for a $6.1 million loan, we cannot get our money back from BlueWhere because it is all spent or hidden and we are left holding the bag.

    Explain to me again how this whole incentive thing works, we pay carpet baggers to come to town, live the high life and we all end up suffering.

    Can you hear that chuckle in the air? That is all of them laughing at us. No accountability, no answers to questions and they are going to have a wonderful XMAS on our dime.

  36. Does anyone find it strange that the blueware website has no news or lists any new products or any customers. It is almost like they have gone silent to try and hide or they are afraid anything they say will be used against them.

    It doesn't even list any of their leadership employees except the 30 year old picture of Rose and some techies she has working for her in the house in Michigan.

    Very strange.

  37. Ms. Harr and Blueware have collected about $8 MILLION from the State, County, City, and Clerk and have not ONE THING to show for the money.
    Better than Rock Soup, she came here from Michigan and could not even afford the rock.

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