Saturday, March 2, 2013

Charles Parker: BlueWare, Rose Harr, and Me

I’m not much for the kind of parties where you hold a drink in one hand, hold a little plate with some little sandwiches on it in the other hand, and spend time talking to someone as they gaze over your shoulder seeing who else is there.  Been there…done that.

But I was looking forward to the BlueWare soiree.
I received an announcement through email last week - granted it wasn’t from BlueWare - but it did say there would be an “Open House” at their new scanning facility in Melbourne.  It included an email address for an RSVP.

I at first thought it odd that an “Open House” would have an RSVP, but then I thought that maybe they were being prudent - you know, they needed to know how many canapés to have at the ready.
So - I RSVP’d to [email protected].

Within a day, I heard back - not from a sales hack but from the owner herself - the elusive Rose Harr.
I was excited when I saw her name and face pop on my Gmail on my phone.  I have been trying to communicate with Ms. Harr since last summer.  I have emailed her, I have called her, I even requested she “Friend” me on Facebook.  No answer - not one.

Until Saturday.
“By invitation only and you are not invite.” (She forgot the “d” - not me.)

I laughed - out loud.  Not at the grammatical error, but at the pettiness.
I have been reporting on BlueWare and the Clerk’s scanning contract for six months.  All of the news stories I have written have been objective.  In fact, I have requested comment from BlueWare nearly every time - and have rarely heard back.  It’s hard to give their side when they won’t give their side.

So I responded to Ms. Harr.  In part I said, “Ms. Harr - it is nice to finally hear from you.  I'm not sure why this animus is directed toward me. I have consistently written objective stories about your contract. If some other stories have seemed one-sided at times, it is because you and/or your representatives have refused comment.  I would certainly offer to you an opportunity to give your side of all of this. I apologize for being presumptuous about the invitation. I was under the assumption that an "open house" was "open" to the public.”
I don’t expect to hear back.  So I guess I’ll miss out on the boxed wine and cubed cheese.  I’ll have dinner with my family instead.  At least I know they won’t be looking past me to see who else might show up.




  1. Charles I have been following your stories on this Blueware debacle since day one and if there is one thing I can say is you have been more than fair. I for one wish you would be more damning on Blueware because unlike others I know the story behind the sham they have been pulling, but you have been the ultimate professional reporting facts and from those who will talk to you.

    I am quite sure your dinner with your family was the better of the two options but once again you were trying to get fair and balance reporting and the door was slammed close on you.

    When you can control the news that is reported you can control the lies. Rose has to control what people know to protect herself, the baby blues and the web of lies she has spun.

    Any sane person who was not a sociopath egomaniac would welcome the opportunity to discuss everything that has transpired if there were not hiding the facts from the public. But with several impending law suits in her future, the fall of the empire she has built (those words were chosen for effect - it is not really an empire more like paper houses built on a fault line) and the fact that the EDC is going to turn their back on Blueware to protect themselves from jail time - she had to uninvite you.

    Thank you once again for what you do and the abuse you must take to do it.

  2. I just read this story and had to laugh. The whole magic behind Blueware is the story they sell and the facts behind the lies. I am in New Orleans right now attending the HIMSS conference.

    Blueware web site lists on their front page for the last 6 months the following:

    HIMSS 2013

    BlueWare is pleased to announce our participation at the HIMSS annual conference in New Orleans in 2013. We hope to see you there! - see for yourself.

    When I registered, I reviewed the pamphlet to see which booth Blueware was located at. I was so excited after all the advertising they have been doing on their web site. When I could not find the company name listed in the directory I asked the coordinator in the registration booth where Blueware was located. The response - there is no vendor named Blueware in our exhibition hall.

    Why would a company advertise on their web site they were at a conference and not be there? Is this just another lie in the series of lies to pretend they are something they are not?

  3. Did you ever read the Wikipedia page on this company. It was written by one of their employees or Rose. My favorite part - number of employees - 4,000. Seriously, what are they trying to pretend to be?

    1. Perhaps adding additional links to the wiki page is appropriate. I am sure others would appreciate the brevardtimes articles as relevant links

  4. And just in case the representative from Blueware try to call BS on them actually being in New Orleans at the HIMSS conference here is the listing from the official web site -

    Guess what, no Blueware.

    So Kaitlin when you respond threatening people are going to be sued for not telling the truth, I know we were able to hack into the HIMSS web site and strategically remove any reference to Blueware. Just admit the truth, that it is all smoke and mirrors.

    Maybe that is why Rose has her Twitter picture of a cat looking in the mirror and seeing a lion - she is trying to project something to everyone else then what she really is.

  5. Rumor has it that BlueWare just eviscerated their development staff.

  6. Do they have a development staff? Don and Deep left months ago. They screwed up on the Visa's for a nice young married couple and they left. Matt Raab who was in charge of professional services has also left. Who is still there?

  7. 11:46:

    Are you referring to Raab and others or were more staffers obliterated within the past few days?

  8. Do we know what the turnout was at these not so open Open House's? Did anyone actually show up?

    1. That is a great question. Is it still called an Open House when the guest are all invited and they are your employees afraid of saying anything bad?

  9. I saw Kaitlin walking around the HIMSS conference today all official in her business suit. No sign of Rose, Jennifer or a Blueware booth. I found out what the story was on their booth too. Originally they were going to have a booth and that is what their web site said and actually pointed you to a booth #5817. Well when they actually found out that most of the vendors had actual products they were going to be showing and not some fancy powerpoint presentation they decided to cancel the booth. If you read their new web site carefully what it now says is - we are participating and hope to see you there. Nice play on words. Well guess what I saw Kaitlin there so technically they are not being untruthful they are just playing their usual word smith game.

    Don't worry Rose will spin it in the future that they were one of the feature speakers and everyone loved the newest version of BestBond -

  10. I am relieved to know Kaitlin has made it safely back to Melbourne after HIMSS. I am sure the long hours she put in working on behalf of Blueware totally exhausted her.

  11. Kaitlin is just looking for more suckers like Brevard County.Because its called Healthcare , Rose probably thinks they can get additional $$$$ for nothing with a "health care" label. Keep an eye out for Needelman, he's probably on Bourbon Street spending his takings as well. And don't forget our friends at HP, they are picking up the bill.

  12. It is strangely quiet. These moments of silence make me think FDLE is full throttle on investigating Blueware, EDC and everyone of those rodeo clowns. EVeryone is afraid to talk and Rose is trying to hide her money.

    How is that scanning going these days? Did they ever get more than 10,000 of the 1.5 million documnets they were supposed to have completed by December 31?

  13. Now Kaitlin can look for suckers but no one can spot a good mark like her Mom. Think about what this woman accomplished in one year -

    1 - Proclaims she is moving her business to Florida to hire all these Brevard County citizens and rejuvenate the economy - did not happen.

    2 - Rose proclaims BestBond latest version is the greatest document management software ever - complete development and professional service team quits and no sale of the software made in the last 3 years

    3 - Blueware claims they will be buying a big office building and utilizing money to hire local residence. Blueware gets county to pay for building gets EDC to pay $800,000 for training program of staff she is supposed to hire.

    4 - Blueware is going to revolutionize how business is done in the county with Rose's visionary ideas. Blueware gets a non-compete contract awarded for close to $8.1 million for vaporware and some services others are also paying for.

    5 - HP pays cash in advance to Rose for a contract that will go null and void in 30 days once new leadership takes over. Oh boy Rose forgot to tell them that part when she was singing the praises of what Blueware does and they are drinking the cool-aid.

    6 - Rose sends her flock to the UK to begin a new business over there and begin to funnel the money out of the US to hide it when the walls come crashing down. New house purchased, buildings, luxury dinners, purchase businesses, etc. When questioned on where Blueware is headquarter Michigan, Florida or UK - Rose refuses to answer question - confidential.

    7 - When everone wants to see the controversial contract between EDC and Blueware the only copy (sorry I mean fake) is found on a fax machine in a hotel in the UK that Rose had to send back day after it was requested. OH boy - red flags are up step in the FDLE.

    Bottom line if you think Kaitlin could ever emulate the best of the best when it comes to hot air, smoke and mirrors - you have another thing coming.

    Hey Rose what is it they say abotu Karma?

  14. When Karma strikes I do not want to be anywhere near Rose, Kaitlin, and the rest of the gang of con artists. The damage and fallout is going to be EPIC.


  15. Did anyone go to the "open house" yesterday? Can you give a report for those of us unable to make it?


    Rolls Royce with Rose Harr Matt Dupree and Jennifer Kenna, Kaitlin is Rose's daughter is she not?