Wednesday, October 17, 2012

$8.5 Million Brevard Clerk of Court Records Digitizing Underway

The controversial digitizing of records for the Brevard County Clerk of Courts has begun and preliminary contract benchmarks are being met, according to Katerina Pringis, Public Records Research Clerk for the Clerk’s Office.
Clerk Mitch Needelman announced the award of the five-year, $8.52 million contract with BlueGem, LLC in late June 2012 during the Republican primary race.   Former Clerk Scott Ellis defeated Needleman in that election.
The contract calls for the digitizing of all past, current, and future Clerk’s office records, including many that are currently stored in a former gymnasium in Titusville. 
“On September 6, the test images were delivered to Brevard Clerk’s Office for the IT Department to view. Redaction should occur this week. A second shipment has been scanned and is also pending redaction,” Pringis said.
Scott Ellis, who still faces a write-in challenger in the general election, claims that the digitizing effort is being run on “a shoestring from a house.”
Ellis added, “The Clerk spends more money daily checking out the files and driving them from Titusville to Melbourne and back. Her (Rose Harr, CEO and President of BlueWare) business is broke. They’ve taken in over a million dollars and all there is to show for it is a rental house and a few hundred bucks worth of scanners. There is no future to this effort.  None.  All the money paid is simply thrown down a rat hole.”
Kaitlin Welliver of BlueWare disputes Ellis’ characterization.
“Currently, BlueGEM is utilizing a temporary location in the downtown of Melbourne to get things up and running. At this location, mostly preparation work for the production phase of the project is being done so that when the permanent location is active in a matter of weeks, the project can continue seamlessly,” Welliver said.
The company also announced that a permanent facility is close to being ready to occupy, and that once operational, they would be hosting an open house event to showcase their expansion into the Brevard community, and the technologies and tools the company uses to bring record-keeping and management into the next century.
During the campaign Ellis questioned the legitimacy and financing of the contract.  He also filed a lawsuit against the Clerk’s Office, claiming there were actually two contracts signed.  The court sided with Needelman on that issue.
Pringis said that currently process testing and development is continuing and the Clerk’s records department is clarifying and completing the deliverables timetable agreed to in the contract.
She added that the process involves different levels of coordination between the Clerk’s Office and BlueGem.  “Clerk’s staff identifies a series of records to be scanned, pulls the court files, updates the file location in our records tracking application, and delivers them to BlueWare. We pick them back up after the documents have been scanned, redacted, and we have confirmed that their quality control efforts were successful.”
According to the company, the program is set to achieve one of its most ambitious goals. Before the end of the year, BlueGEM will have scanned 1.5 million documents of the county’s court records and will have made them accessible.
"This is a very exciting time for all of us at BlueWare / BlueGEM,” Welliver added.  “Since we’ve moved here, we’ve seen visions and goals materialize into something great.”
BlueWare, the parent company of BlueGEM, moved its corporate headquarters from Cadillac, Michigan to Melbourne in early spring of 2012 in hopes of accessing Brevard County’s large pool of technological talent as well as finding a strategic location for growing the business.
“The reason we came to Brevard County was primarily for the highly-trained talent of the Space Coast,” Harr said regarding the move. “The heart of every company is its people. We aspire to hire 25 more people by the end of the year.”


  1. No need to take my word, anyone interested should visit the 'temporary' house being used at the corner of Strawbridge and Oak. Ask to tour the 'facility' and then ask where the 'new' permanent location will be. This is nothing but a money sucking operation draining the Clerk's Office.
    It’s not quite accurate to say ‘the court sided with Needelman’ on the issue of two contracts. The Court got the Clerk to state on the record there was only one contract. There will be an upset judge as well as egg on the faces of some media when the original contract is produced. Not just the original contract, but the original invoices and all other materials, such as the Krasny-Dettmer evaluation.

    1. What do you gain by bashing a new company that is bringing new jobs and revenues into Melbourne? Was this part of your re-election campaign after you quit?

    2. For a republican who is supposedly in support of small businesses, you've certainly found one to kick around. I wonder how many other businesses are on your hit list? Is this the type of guy we really want in office? Must we, small business owners of Brevard, ask ourselves who's next?

    3. OK Kaitlin stop replying as anonymous to the posting and tell everyone the truth. It is all a scam and Scott is not your downfall but one of many shiners of light. I bet Scott made up this law suit as well -

      I am not sure how credible the bearer of how wonderful BlueWare can be if it is Rose's daughter who has had no other job but this one and brags how great Mommy and her company is. If BlueWare has so much experience doing this type of work why are you subcontracting the work to CSI who can do it for a lot less going direct to the County?

    4. Scott,

      Thanks for bashing a company that has advocated that they hire veterans!!! You should be be proud of yourself!!!!!!!

    5. No one should blast any company that hires veterans ever!!!

      But just for clarity sakes I read their web site that stated they hire veterans but exactly how many people have been hired since July 1 and how many of those were veterans and how many are still there?

      You can advocate anything you want but remember - actions speak louder than words!

    6. Listen, while I do agree that the records do need to be digitized, Must we make this a soap opera Scott???

      Go in there and take down what Mitch screwed up but leave the digitizing alone.

      as it stands right now, It's taking MONTHS for people to get case files from Titusville the old fashioned way.

      The digitizing of court records will SAVE taxpayers money in the long run and the FEDS do it and it's much easier to get what I need.

  2. Harr can aspire to hire 25 more people by the end of the year, but how many will stay. Turnover at this company is enormous. In the past 6 months they have lost (resigned or fired) 2 Directors of Sales, 2 COO’s, the CTO, the CFO, an IT Director, and multiple other programmers, sales, and support staff. Many of these staff were on-board for less than 2 months, some only a few weeks. The fantasy of a vibrant, healthy company is alive; but reality comes crashing down soon after employment begins.

    1. I'm not sure where you get your information, but this is inaccurate. It seems that Blueware has become the target of Scott Ellis being re-elected. As long as you have an enemy, you can seem like the hero. I'm so tired of dirty politics, people will stop at nothing to be elected. This an insult to the people at the Clerk of Courts who have worked hard to bring the citizens' valuable data into the 21st Century. This upgrade is very much needed to protect and preserve valuable information. Blueware has also worked hard the past few months to take on this daunting task. When it is completed and 1.5 million records have become digital, you will be the one with egg on your face.

    2. No actually the insult to the citizens of Brevard County is the following: 1 - you have no experience in doing a scanning job like this. 2 - Matt Dupree who lobbyied for this job for you now works at BlueGem and got paid a large sum of money to bring this job to BlueWare and then was hired. 3 - You work out of a house that is in a residential area because you cannot afford to buy a building. You have 15 people working in a 1,200 sq foot house that has no driveway, no delivery paltform, your employees park on the lawn and your security system is an ADT home alarm and some hurricane shutters. And you tell me this is good for the Citizens of Brevard County. How can a system we paid $8 million for that can be done for $3 million be a good thing?

    3. This is no way reflects the staff that work at the Clerk of the Court. Personal experience is they are a very intelligent, dedicated and capable group. It should be noted that their directives come from whomever is the current elected Clerk and must conduct business based on the current Clerk's direction. Yes they have worked extremely hard as mandated, no one is or should question their integrity or dedication to the citizens of Brevard. Rather it is BluGem that should be under the microscope and why not? they are accepting tax incentives in the millions, are we not allowed to see how it is being spent? The task is not so daunting IF you have the knowledge, scanners, software to work with the scanners and redaction abilities none of which BlueGem has purchased. I am neither for or against BlueGem, nothing would make me happier than to have a success story here; new job creation, redacted digital records, etc..... I have also learned over the years, where there is smoke there is fire. Stop worrying about eggs and go physically look for yourself. The only bragging point the temporary location on the corner of Oak and Strawbridge had was their security system, whoop ti do, they installed ADT, had a converted living room to prepare the files for scanning (currently no files on the location to work with), 1 small, and I mean small scanner and no ability to redact the documents which is critical to the success of the program. This is NOT an Ellis or Needleman issue, this is an issue that affects every tax payer in Brevard, if 1/2 the allegations are true then we have just flushed almost a million dollars. Personally I can think of many places where this county could use that money. Private business that contracts to do business with our local governments should have open books or stay in the private sector.

    4. Finally, the voice of reason. Everything you said here makes so much sense. We need to protect the money of Brevard County - it is our money.

      If you contract with a government agency - open your books. If you don't want to be transparent than don't contract with a government agency - very simple.

  3. Isn't it amazing how much people think that they know about other peoples business and how quick they are too judge !!!!.
    I see a new business in town looking to put a boost in our economy , with 190 new hires . Purchase a building , revitalize the building in an area that is looking to update . In Ellis I see a person who QUIT the people of this County and is now wanting you to pay for his next ride .How did we ever want a QUITTER back? How can any of the people in Brevard think that he has their best interests . How come he didn't have this much CONCERN for Brevard when he Quit His Position as CLerk Of the Courts last Time .Scott Ellis seems to spend a lot of time bashing other people , sad to see someone with such a negative attitude put in any position of power .

    1. Really you see a boost to the economy - how is that exactly? We paid $5 million more for something a local company can deliver. The people that have been hired that are local are hired through a temporary hiring agency and can be let go at any time. The company charging $8 million has never done this before and we are paying for them to learn. The company owns nothing in town - they rent an office, rent a house for 6 months and have taken $ 1 million dollars and have delivered nothing yet but yet you claim it is a boost to our economy.

      If this solution is so awesome have BlueWare do a demo of the solution in action on Monday of next week for any reporter with a complete NDA signed by them that no trade secrets will be revealed. If they have to have 1.5 million scanned by 12/31/12 this should not be an issue. Make sure that demo includes the magic software they claim they have installed and running as well. I am willing to bet it won't happen because it is all smoke and mirrors and if it does happen let me know if it represents an $8 million product. Just doesn't exist.

    2. Have a reporter sign an NDA? Those words don't fit in the same sentence. You really seem to think you know alot about this company, are you by chance, a disgruntled ex-employee?? Maybe one that embezzled money and now is trying to sue them??

    3. Talk about making sense - if an ex-employee embezzled money wouldn't they be in jail today and not suing you for owed wages?

      To help you understand - the NDA would be to protect Blue(fill in the blank) from the reporter revealing trade secrets on how Blue(fill in the blank)scanning project works not on reporting the success or failure of the project. Hope that clarifies things for you.

      Can you provide a list of ex-employees who are not disgruntled? We will give you sometime on that one since it may be difficult.

  4. I am a citizen of Brevard County and my only concern is where my tax dollars are going, point blank. I went to the Blueware web site to see what their company does and their experience.

    I guess the part that is confusing to me is why there is nothing on the web site that highlights their experience in scanning prior to the Brevard County job. If you had done this before would you not list that somewhere? The only reference to scanning is one word of Scanning Bureau wth no detail on what we do and the benefits of scanning.

    I find it hard to believe in this wonderful county and even to our sister county Orange County, the only one we could find to do this scanning project was a little company from Nowhere, Michigan who has never done this before. That to me seems a little strange.

    I do not know Blueware, work for Blueware, had family work for Blueware or know anyone who worked for Blueware - what I do know is this - I live in Brevard County, my taxes are too high, there is so much to be done now without wasting money that I just want a square fair deal.

    1. Blueware has no prior experience in this type of work and their claim to fame on the web in mostly unsubstantiated. There were other companies that supplied responses to the ITN that are experts in digital conversion and approximately 6 million dollars cheaper. This is not a matter of opinion, it's fact. It's all available through the public records requests. I don't see a square deal anywhere in site, in my investigations of BlueWare I turned over a lot of rocks and only found worms

    2. OK so help me understand, they have never done this type of scanning project before, they have no facility to do it at, they have no staff that are familiar with what it takes to do it, they own no equipment, their price is $6 million dollars higher, and they were chosen as the vendor of choice - this makes no sense.

      So I am assuming all the positive responses about them in this blog are from them and their only defense is - Ellis is upset, don't pick on the small Melbourne company, and we have done amazing things - this sounds like desparation to me.

      If I was Scott Ellis I would be upset. Who would want to be stuck with this type of albatross around your neck for the next 5 years. Over paying for something that does not work being done by someone who does not know what they are doing. If he was not upset I would be voicing my concerns at him. What happens to all the money they have been paid if the services are not delivered. Sounds like that song to me "Take the Moeny and Run..."

      Another question - why was any money paid to the company? What has been delivered that warrants $1 million dollars?

      It is not Brevard County's responsibility to advance money to a company so they can buy equipment and buy a building so they can do a job of scanning at an elevated rate. I am sure there was a company out there that had all the equipment and the building already that the county would just be paying for the services rather than the development of the infrastructure.

      Someone please take control of the asylum.

    3. You don't need help understanding, you've got the big picture.
      This is not an Ellis vs Needleman it a Brevard County residents need to know and care. These are substantial amounts of monies and the same company is in negotiations for other goods and services. Only 1 person knows why almost a million dollars have been paid and while it would be honorable to disclose the real story it may be incriminating so don't hold your breath.
      You are correct, it is not Brevard County's responsibility to advance money to a company so they can buy equipment, a building/facility, scanners, computers, hardware, software etc. Honestly if that had been done it would be at least somewhat palatable. No equipment, real estate, scanners etc nor have the direct employment hiring quotas been met. Remember it is not only the Clerk that is giving them money but there are also considerable monies and considerations through the EDC. If someone could tell me how to take control of the asylum I would gladly, without all the smoke, mirrors its not a difficult thing to do.

    4. Blueware has prior history in this field. You haven't done your research correctly, In fact, it even states where they came from before moving to brevard.

      I am NOT paying tons of money to get my documents the old fashioned way. This digitizing is sorely needed and brings brevard up to par with the feds in orlando

    5. OK - I did my research. Is this what you are talking about -

      A sheet that states this is what Bluegem does. This is all you have??? This is marketing propaganda.

      Yes they came from Cadillac, Michigan and some make believe office in the UK. We got it. I googled mapped your Cadillac office and yes it looks like another house. I know you think that is an office building but it really is a house.

      Everyone is for digitizing no one is against it - no need to keep bringing up that futile argument. We are just stating we want someone to do it that has a - experience, b - equipment and staff to do it already c - at a fair price. None of this is apparent in this contract.

      Just so we are perfectly clear - experience means you have done this type of project before - mass scanning for another government agency with citizen access.

      You cannot take your make believe blueware product that is for the medical field and place a new label on it and call it bluegem and say you have a product developed for this type of solution and the government world.

      This can all end right now by simply stating where you have bestbond or bestjustice installed and running today - that is it - simply provide us one reference account and everyone who is blogging will eat their words. Until then you look silly with your comments - we have experience, we hire veterans, we are the best. Stop marketing and start producing.

      Citizens of Brevard County unite and let's put an end to the smoke and mirrors today.

    6. I just checked out the house in Cadillac - I mean office building that you referenced in your posting. I cannot even do a street view of it. What part of the back woods did this company come from?

      My cousin lives in a house boat at Fin's Marina. I am going to tell him to sell something to the county tomorrow - evidently the powers that be never check things out. Maybe he can get a $3 million contract to sell them new desks. He can build them on his boat - wait I mean his warehouse located on the water front. Or he can just buy the desks from Kane's and sell them for twice as much to the county.

      What a business model - and to think my tax dollars paid for all of this.

  5. For all those wondering about the turnover at is a recent sample of people who quit or got fired. These are all 2012 and most in the past 6 months (Notice all the C-level people on this list): Robert - COO, Nick - COO; Paul - CTO; Deena - CFO; Londa - DOS, Greg - DOS; Miscellaneous other staff no longer at Blue(whatever)- Anna, Deep, Dora, Dave, Hannah, Kirk, John, Jonathon, Lillian, Lisa, Sean, Thomas, Will, Zac.....just to name a few.

    Seeing a trend here?

    1. I'll bite, what's the trend? The revolving door is a testament to the intelligence and integrity of those who have left?

    2. spotted the trend right off the bat.

  6. I guess you were right 5:03 PM on 10-18 they cannot produce any customer names that they have done this for before.

    I went to bed last night thinking I would wake up this morning and they would defend themselves with at least one customer somewhere - now things are really looking suspicious.

    10:21 AM on 10-18 it can't be the owner that is the problem it has to be that all these people who have come and gone. I guess when it is one or two in a 6 month period but so many people at such high levels. Didn't they say they left Michigan to hire some qualified people in the Space Coast in their publicity article? If we have a qualified talent pool here in Melbourne and the owner is such an innovator maybe the reason they all leave so quickly is they learn the company is all smoke and mirrors and they get out as quick as they can.

    1. You nailed it...the company is all smoke and mirrors. The owner is charming, smart, and apparently a total nightmare to work for. She can talk a great game to bring people on board, but they leave quickly when they discover there is no substance behind the words.

  7. The scanning project is one debacle but what about the other negotiations? Same company, same people are working to get another contract to provide computers, monitors, scanners etc. Why would Brevard County need a middle man to jack up the price? Why with a company that hasn't performed to date and rents a tired old residential and calls it a facility? Yeah . . . I don't want to hear that it is a temporary location, there is no "permanent" location. Sure they can tell you where it is but they can't prove the deposits or that it's even under contract. After almost 3 months you'd think they would be able to by now. . . .

    1. What exactly does this company do?

      First = any word that fits with Blue in the front they make it into a company. BlueWare, BlueGEM, BlueScan, BlueWare Cloud, BlueZen - what next BlueBrevard????

      Second = What exactly do they do? Their web site says they are electronic health care management. Did anyone tell them that Clerk of the Court is not a hospital. And now they are trying to squeeze more money out of the County by selling overpriced computers and printers. I thought we had a competitive bid process for something like that?

      Third = Has anyone actually checked how many people they really have hired and are still on board. I know their press release said they were going to hire 192 but someone must have forgot to tell them they actually have to have them stay not just hire and have them quit.

      Fourth = Are you telling me in this economy with so much empty real estate in Melbourne they can't find a building? Didn't they already have a ribbon cutting ceremony in July? Maybe that was just more smoke and mirrors.

      Fifth and final = I saw an earlier post that asked them to tell all of us at least one government client they had previously done mass scanning and digitizing for. I think all the citizens of Brevard County are waiting for that name. It doesn't exist could it?

    2. How many more days until we can finally get this leadership out of office, cancel this contract and sue to get our money back?

      What have we gotten for all the money we paid them so far?

      And more importantly did we ever find out who wrote the specifications for this contract?

      Shouldn't there be some performance marks that need to be met so we can make sure we are getting what we paid for?

      If a county staff member wrote this contract they need to be fired.

      If a vendor wrote the specifications someone should call the authorities.

  8. Do not forget the other contracts Blueware/gem has with the Clerk. One in particular is for cost containment. They receive 30% of any cost savings they negotiate with current vendors on behalf of the Clerk's office. On the surface this seems fine. But in reality, they are simply cancelling contracts and taking their 30% of the cost savings...leaving the Clerk's office with no product, no contract, and little options. This is just the tip of the iceburg on this contract. Could there be "fraud" involved? I hope law enforcement investigates this contract as well.

  9. Did anyone see the lame press release put out last Friday by Kaitlin Welliver (Rose Harr's daughter)? It is obvious she is reading these posts as her press release almost mirrors the criticisms posted here. Keep up the pressure. They are buckling under the weight of the truth.

    In case you missed it and want a good laugh:

  10. Last spring, when Blueware announced they were going to hire 192 employees in Florida with an average salary of $68,000, the current employees almost fell over laughing. And of course, wondered when they were going to get a raise to get close to $68,000/year.

  11. The press release worth the trip, needed a good laugh, thanks !

    They are not and have not made any progress with the scanning/court documents. They started to but their project manager quit after switching from "Blue" Koolaide to good ole Florida water.

    They are required to hire 44 by the end of this year then ramp over the next 12 or 24 months (not sure which) for a total of 192 employees get their additional incentives from the EDC. I find that doubtful as they are more often than not late on their own payroll for the few employees they have!

    As far as the cost containment goes IF there is fraud it isn't as outlined above, unfortunately that does not constitute fraud.

    1. The police can investigate and determine if there is fraud. They are already investigating Blueware; hopefully they have included this contract in their investigations.

  12. TOTAL waste. As I research the Clerk’s records on a daily basis, it has been at least 12 yrs since I had a need for any court or land record older than 1980. The Statute of Limitations on these old case files expired decades ago, and there may be >1% of property in the County that has not had a transaction on it in the last 32 yrs that would require having to order up an old deed or mortgage.

    So, to those previous posters that say it takes forever and is costly to order up these old records - would you have an example of a time you recently needed such an old document?

    Harr can now use our $$$ to pay her lawyers when we dump this fraud contract and thieving company in Jan. And I’m sure they are doing a very conscientious job knowing Scott plans to do just that.

    Admirable to hire veterans-yes. Just know there are significant tax breaks in place right now for doing so. As we know this Harr woman is all about tax breaks and corporate WELFARE. Hurry up January!

  13. I couldn't have said it better myself. Keep up the pressure because the truth needs to be set free.

    Here are the interesting facts I have recently discovered since doing some investigations myself this week.

    Mr Dupree after negotiating this favorable contract for Blueware has been hired as a VP for Blueware and has been on board for almost 4 weeks. Does that not sound like a conflict of interest? Do they have an office for Mitch picked out already?

    Blueware has trouble not only paying their payroll as mentioned above, they are late on paying expenses and owe almost every vendor they do business with from their landlord to their employment agency - Spherion - they owe everyone money. What have they been doing with the money we have been paying them?

    The reason they had to rent a house and not buy a real office building is because they have no money for the down payment. What have they been doing with the money we have been paying them?

    Everyone at Blueware is scrambling because of an earlier post asking them to document a real customer they had were they performed this same type of work. Rumor has it that some really official folks are looking into the credentials they gave to win this opportunity.

    The revolving door of employees is continuing and some more people have resigned this week. Who is left there? I heard she had to promote friends of hers from the beauty salon with no credentials just so she has people with titles because of the mass walk outs.

    69 days and counting until this whole wizard of oz game is over and we can finally get some order in place for this chaos.

    If things were so bad at the Clerk of the Court office for so long why did Mitch sign a contract so late in his term - the whole thing sounded fishy when it happened and now it is starting to stink!

  14. Matt Dupree now works for Blueware? I thought he was smarter than to hitch his wagon to Rose Harr. In fact, with all the heat being generated I would have thought he would run as fast as he could from this woman/company.

    The comments about missing payroll, not paying employee expenses, and owing every vendor is 100% accurate. They cannot purchase a building because they have no money and limited credit.

    On the upside, Rose Harr does show up at meetings pulling a Louis Vuitton bag and at least she is not hurting financially.

    1. Matt "hitched his wagon" a long time ago and was an integral part in putting this whole thing together. Now he officially works for her, perhaps together they think they can put it in the positive spin zone and cover their butts?
      If they use Spherion then technically they haven't hired anyone, using a staffing agency isn't a direct hire, if Spherion is cutting the checks then they work for Spherion. Why would Spherion or any company continue to provide services if they aren't getting paid? Hmmm

  15. I wonder who is paying for the recent jaunt to Europe. She took an entourage there for an extended business trip ;-0. She took 5 people to Europe for two weeks when we are trying to get our records scanned here in Melbourne. At this rate, I just don't think we are going to make those 45 million records by December 31. Maybe some of that money for the holiday across the pond could have been used to pay for some scanners? or a down payment for an office building? or to hire some of the 192,000 employees she said she is going to hire?

    Yes, Matt is there but it is not public knowledge. A big time VP at Bluegem. No one is supposed to know so don't tell any one. He never shows up at any of the county meetings (wouldn't look good), he actually does not have an official office (would be to obvious), and he does not appear anywhere on the web site (couldn't keep it a secret then.)

    I have a few questions for you.... if she moved the company to Melbourne because there is so much technical talent here for her to hire, how come they have hired no technical people yet. They hired executives that have all left and some temporary scanning people but what about the technical people?

    If she moved the company to Melbourne, why does the majority of employees who work for Blueware still work in the Michigan office and do not plan on moving here?

    If there is so much talent and opportunity for work in the Space Coast, why has she made two extended trips to the UK in the last 2 months when she does not even have an office there or any clients?

    Something is not adding up here. Why would you come to Melbourne and your one and only contract here is for a scanning project that any local company could have done and it is riddled with controversy?

    It seems to me that they may not really have a software product and we are all being taken for a ride that we are paying for.

  16. Blueware does not have a UK office? They show a UK address on their website. They tout themselves an an "International" company. But, I wonder who is staffing that office since she fired the two people who were there...Barry and Nas. Interesting.

  17. I just found out something interesting. The company has not actually sold any software product in over three years.

    So that means one of two things - either we just paid for vaporware or we were the only suckers who purchased something that is not even completed.

    Friends in hide places tell me that the product is still in development and the completion date keeps getting moved out. They had to cancel all demos until it is done and that is why they are all in hiding.

    Good job Mitch.

    1. This is 100% true. The last hospital they brought on was Atlantic General in Maryland 3 years ago. And, they are likely leaving Blueware if they have not already moved to another vendor.

      Blueware's latest product - BestBond is absolutely vaporware. They have no one using it even though it was "released" last year because it is not ready for use.

  18. It depends how you define International Company. The address they list on their web site is for a company called PetPals. I couldn't make this up if I wanted to.

    Follow this link:

    And look at the address and then look at the address on the web site -

    They are the same. So unless Blueware has another business over in the UK called Bluepets or Bluesitting, I am thinking it is a friend of theirs that they are using their business address.

    The worst part of it is the telephone number for petpals and blueware UK are exactly the same. Seriously, you couldn't even afford to have your own telephone number in your make believe office (sorry pet kennel over there.)

    I guess the one good thing is if the County ever puts out a bid for a company to watch pets they have a good chance of winning the bid this time. Their claims of being the best, we are really awesome and we have done this before will be true then.

    Just more smoke and mirrors.

    1. same address, but phone number is different. Could be different suites in the same building. Don't know the answer.

      Blueware - UK LOCATION

      Basepoint Business & Innovation Centre
      Caxton Close
      Andover, Hampshire
      SP10 3FG
      United Kingdom
      Tel: +44 (0) 1264 326356

      Petpals (UK) Limited
      Basepoint Business and Innovation Centre
      Caxton Close
      East Portway
      Andover Hampshire
      SP10 3FG

      National Enquiry line: 01264 326362
      Fax: 01264 326361
      E-mail: [email protected]

  19. No need to wonder who is paying for the trip. . .
    YOU are! Blueware got 40,000/month from July 2012 -November 2012. Then in December the monthyly payments go to 120,000.00 per month for the next 12 months and it goes up from there! All this money and no performance markers, no bond, no emplyees,no scanners, no productivity etc.? No wonder she is in England celebrating, she pulled off the deal of the century!

  20. There are some really bitter people here in this county, why all the back biting and bitterness?? It makes poor reading and most of things typed up sounds like a lot of hearsay, very little can be backed up as people on here have made their minds up and are sounding very small minded indeed. Go do something more important with yoiur lives and move on!

  21. Oh shut up Kaitlin

  22. Anon at 1:35

    You have a heck of a lot of nerve telling the citizens of this county - many of us that have lived here for decades and care about it - to just MOVE ON from a $8.5 MILLION HEIST.

    Not going to happen - not a chance!

  23. After sitting here and reading the comments from the article, knowing BlueWare as well as I do, this is classic BlueWare. An ill-informed and partly untrue press release gets them into a lot of hot water. But this is typical of the corporation. They never follow through and deliver what they say and they miss the point. The responses that have come in defending BlueWare are obviously coming from BlueWare. They are addressing the symptoms of the complaints and not the actual real issues. This is a Harr-Welliver trait. They read something and have a totally different view to what people are saying than everybody else. Harr is a calculated and reasonably intelligent con-artist. Kaitlin Welliver is a spoiled brat with limited intelligence and has been ruined by her mother. She will not have the discipline or respect of anyone else, BlueWare employees are forced to respect her. The fact is they don’t even really like her. She would not hold another position down anywhere else. As you can see from the press release, very amateur, and the responses showed limited intelligence typical of the scanning project. A bit flashy but when you read into it there’s nothing there.

  24. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  25. Sorry. I get emotional when I think about what is going on here.

  26. To all you Floridians out there, maybe the Florida authorities should take a leaf out of England's books. On Harr's and BlueWare's current trip, Rose Harr and her showgirl executives went to visit Harr's rental property in the United Kingdom. When they got there, they couldn't get access. The locks had been changed and there was an eviction notice on the door for nonpayment of rent. So what happens when you have nowhere to stay? Maybe you stay in your car? Oh! She couldn't do that either because that had been seized and towed away for nonpayment. Harr and BlueWare owe many thousands of pounds (or dollars, whichever you prefer) in back rent, utility bills, damage to the property, and not keeping up with car payments. She has a court date for the 8th of November. So the English are bringing her and BlueWare in line. All we can hope is that Florida does this sooner rather than later.

  27. Oh that is too funny. She had her attorney with her, and possibly a person from the Brevard County Clerk of the Courts records department. I believe Matt Dupree was also on that trip.

    I am curious to what the person wrote on Oct 24th @ 3:29 that got deleted. They then posted they got emotional. What does that mean?

    I am guessing it was Kaitlin responding to the slam at 2:58. Which, while it may be true, did not need to be posted here. This is about Blueware, corruption, and preventing them from doing this to any other in Florida and everywhere else. We do not need to slam a person, who in the capacity of working for mommy, is just trying to do her job.

    There are other Harr/Welliver family members working for this company too. Lets keep to the facts and leave the personal attacks out. It is not their fault who their mother is.

  28. To Oct 24 @ 1:35.

    What has been said here is mostly fact and some opinion. We have backed up what is being said here with facts. Take for example your saying the Oct 18, 7:24 note about all the turnover was not accurate. Well, we backed it up with names and titles. We posted the lawsuit, we posted the facts about payments for the contract. It is all true.

    Your sham/con is falling apart around you. I would encourage all current Blueware employees to flee before it is too late. Or, maybe it already is too late and you have made your bed and now have to sleep in it.

  29. Replies
    1. All those in favor say "Aye"


  30. Nothing new happening with the Blueware scandal?

  31. Just business as usual -

    Our armada of female Blueware representatives have returned from their trek across the pond with their tales between their legs since they were unable to secure any new business despite numerous business meetings. I guess our friends over there have learned how to deal with the smoke and mirror show. In fact, they had more legal troubles while on holiday so they quickly packed up there bags and scurried home.

    No one is working at the scanning house - sorry I mean scannning office - they have some ads on some job shoppers for scanning supervisors at $20 k per year. That is a far cry from the $69 k per year jobs they spoke about in their media blitz. And in the mean time the clock is ticking and no one is scanning. Not sure how we are going to reach that 1.5 million by December 31st at this rate. Maybe they will just sub-contract the job out to one of the other bidders they beat out and just take the 100% commission for being a middle-woman.

    Finally, all their demonstrations for their latest software were cancelled in October because the product is still not completed. Yes that is the product that the County paid $8.2 million for back in June - it is still not done. Evidnetly, Harris got word that the product is not completed and didn't really care to waste their time seeing another power point presentation on how Bluekingdom is going to be able to predict your future by connecting Blue somthing to the IBM Watson computer.

    So nothing new - same old collecting $120,000 per month from the county for avoid and evade tactics.

    1. Awesome....Rose Harr sure knows how to wreck a business.

      They literally are not scanning documents? Why the heck is the Clerk paying them? I understand the contract calls for monthly payments, but doesn't it also call for actual work to be done?

      Glad to hear Harris Corp wised up and cancelled. She (and Matt Dupree) have been courting them hard. The CHS hospital chain is a dying account, the Maryland HIE is going nowhere fast, Harris said no way, and the UK got smart and sent her packing. Seems like all she has left is her contract with the Clerk...and that will end in 2 months.

  32. Is FDLE on this or not? Is that what that invoice for "State Investigation" is for Needelman legal services? Another $12K-15K month for him to CYA on our dime?

    If they are not moving on this yet, do you think they are waiting for him to vacate in Jan?

    I'm getting impatient seeing our $$$ flowing down the drain like this.

  33. Has any one done the math yet on this company and the projected revenue and job offerings at $69 k per year for 192 employees.

    Here is what I am confused about - that type of salary requirements would mean their monthly salary bill alone is $1.1 million per month.

    Now this company has truoble making a $150 k per month salary right now and are not paying any of their bills or vendors. The last sale they made before the counties scanning project was 3 years ago. Their product has been in development for 2 years and any revenue they have taken in is from former customers paying them to get their data from their proprietary database.

    Any prospects of new customers have gone hiding in the hills and they cannot keep a management team in place for more than 8 weeks. Right now the executive team has no real world experience and have not held positions in previous jobs that even resemble their current roles.

    No investor wants to touch them with a 10 foot pole and Rose won't give up any control or open her books because what people would see when they knew the truth.

    The last CFO quit 1 day after starting when she looked at the books and the VP of Operations said she was a scaredy cat and didn't believe. Really?

    Does anyone besides me see a pattern here???

    Based on my math, the only way this company survives is if Mitch can sign about 10 more deals in the next 60 days. But based on what I am hearing he has some bigger fish to fry.

  34. This company will not survive. And,if there is a God, Rose will be spending time in jail with Mitch.

    Who is the new VP of Operations? Is this the role Matt Dupree has taken, or is he focused strictly on BlueGem?

    What fish is Mitch frying? Is he focused on covering up this deal or working on feathering his nest for his "retirement"?

    The question from Oct 31 @ 3:18 is a valid one. Is the FDLE moving on this or not? They have conducted a number of interviews with current and former employees of the Clerk's office and Blueware. When are they going to announce the outcome of their investigation?

  35. The VP of Operations is a woman named Debbie Caldwell. She was a local realtor in Melbourne for Coldwell Banker when Rose met her and before that she ran four party stores. The ownership of the actual party stores has never been confirmed but she worked at them for sure. I am not sure why you do not feel she has the qualifications to be the operations lead for a multi-million dollar international software company.

    She was the first person Rose met when she came to Melbourne earlier this year, they both like poodles and everything Rose lies about Debbie swears to it.

    I am not sure Debbie even knows what the software does but she knows how to say no a lot and plays the bad cop for Rose very well.

    Are there other qualifications you are aware of one may need to possess to hold this position?

  36. Yeah, mighty impressive credentials. As event planner she can plan the next faux 'ribbon-cutting ceremony'
    Debbie Caldwell Linkdin
    Realtor at Coldwell Banker Paradise
    Melbourne, Florida Area | Real Estate

    Director of Human Resources at BlueWare, Realtor at Coldwell Banker Paradise, Event co-ordinator and decorator at Blank Canvas Event Decorating
    Summary:If it can go well It will, Reach Higher

  37. I am confident the HR Director, Emily DeBoer, is just thrilled to now report to Debbie. Nothing like having the person hired to be your boss be totally unqualified.

    Debbie was first introduced to Blueware staff back in February or March as the Realtor who would be coordinating the move of employees from Cadillac to Melbourne. She took multiple staff on a dog and pony show around the area showing people apartments in various parts of town.

    Rose must have a thing for people from the UK. First she hired and fired Nick, now she has hired Debbie. I wonder how long she will last?

  38. There appears to be a new VP of Sales for Blueware - Jennifer Kenna. Nobody warned her about this company before she hitched her?

    1. wagon to this disaster?

  39. I am Debbie Caldwell the Director of HR or VP of Operations?

  40. Debbie is the VP of Operations. She was hired as the Director of HR but she was not really qualified for that so when there was no one left to fill the role of Operations after Robert left and Glen left she was naturally promoted.

    Now Jennifer was hired as the marketing person and when there was no one left on the sales team they had to make her the boss or she would have left.

    Please keep in mind the Blueware philosophy when you try to apply logic. If you are a friend or family of Rose, you will have a job. If you close your eyes and put up with her deceptions, you will stay employed. If you don't mind missing some paychecks or not get reimbursed for expenses, you will be promoted.

    Everyone please apply and do not be afraid of not being qualified. Think of a job title and you will get the job.

    1. I guess congratulations are due for Debbie and Jennifer. They have managed to be promoted well above their skill and expertise level, and I am sure will be justly rewarded by Rose for their efforts.

      Oh, and sprinkle a little jail time in there for helping perpetrate this fraud and they have done a wonderful job of securing their future.

      Ladies, a bit of friendly now before the long arm of the law gets a hold of you. They are coming and you do not want to be caught in the Harr/Welliver net.

    2. I was not aware there was no one left on the sales team. I thought Blueware had a steller sales team up in Cadillac, MI with their part time college student Rudi leading the charge? Rudi has managed to "sell" Wellness Connection upgrades to their dwindling install base at a sufficient pace to almost make payroll every month.

      Rudi has never brought on a new customer, and has quit or threatened to quit multiple times, but in Rose's world that makes her all the more valuable.

    3. Is it actually possible to be a VP of Sales when there is no sales team. Wouldn't be better to just call her the sales team?

      As for Rudi, she is a good person but just stuck working for Blueware. Her dad and sister both work there and there is not a lot of opportunity in Cadillac.

      Rumor mill has it that they are feeling the pressure and an exit plan is being formulated. Don't be surprised if some buildings are vacated very soon.

    4. I wish them all the best and hope for their sake they make an exit sooner rather than later. Hopefully all the Cadillac staff are actively seeking other employment. There are some good people working for Blueware; as you say they are "stuck" with limited opportunity in Cadillac.

      On the upside for them, most have had limited or no involvement with Brevard County so they hopefully are insulated from the pending legal charges.

    5. Your comments are right on the money. There are a lot of good people there in Cadillac and they have voiced there concerns but they have been told to shut up or get out. There was nearly a mass walk out several months ago and Rose promised them all things were going to change.

      The problem all comes down to Rose. She pretends to care but she really is self-centered and cares about no one but Rose. She will lie to people to keep the charade alive and manipulates people to get what benefits Rose.

      Right now she is playing the charade on the citizens of Brevard county to get what she wants and when January comes and her pawn Mitch is gone the game is over.

      Mark my words, in less than 60 days there will not be 1.5 million documents scanned, no new building will be purchased and there will not be 45 people employed at Blueware.

      In the meantime we are all paying for the trips to England, the condos on the beach and the fancy dinners at the yacht club. I hope it is all worth it.

    6. Of course Debbie is qualified to work for this software company, except she literally can't spell "software". Check out her profile on linkedin:

      Director of Human Resources
      June 2012 - Present (6 months)Melboure , Florida
      We are a medical soft ware company , , check us out on,
      Great place to work , very fast and forward moving,We have a great CEO called Rose Harr , she is visionary.

  41. Maybe you misspoke, but I would hardly call Needelman a 'pawn' of Harr's. He is the elected official with the fiduciary duty to the citizens of Brevard County - the purse strings, and this could never have happened without him orchestrating the whole thing. RICO!

    1. Touche' good point.

      Let me paint this picture for you. If you do this for me while you are there, when you leave I will do something very nice for you. A nice consulting gig, a nice title and job.

      So in that wild crazy scenario which is total conjecture on my part, who is responsible the one holding the carrot or the one giving the carrot away?

  42. Both! Plus, anyone who was at those initial meetings and didn’t blow the whistle, and/or benefited from this graft.

    1. So there are a lot of people walking around thinking they will not get in trouble just because they kept their mouth's shut - utto.

  43. After tomorrow the Mitch Needleman saga will be over when Scott Ellis officially wins the position of Clerk of the Courts.

    Then...NO MORE BLUEWARE after Scott takes office in January. A good day for everyone.

    I hope Rose has saved some money. But, we all know that is not true. She cannot save a penny to save her life.

  44. Who has determined all this "inside" information is indeed accurate

  45. Probably most of this information has come out during all the ongoing investigations that have been going on by multiple law enforcement agencies. I really do not think it is inside information but rather the facts that everyone knows who has worked at Blueware, did business with Blueware or has met the Blueware team.

    There has not been a lot of counter from Blueware, no public statements or big press release or answers to the questions on November 7th like they promised.

    I would probably guess that 99.9% of the info documented in this blog is accurate. Probably the inaccurate info were the responses from Blueware about how great they are and why is everyone picking on the little guy.

    And on December 31 when there are not 1.5 million documents scanned, Scott takes over and Mitch is gone, Rose can blame someone else again.

    Maybe she will go back to her patented answer that she is a woman and it is a man's world.

  46. As the person above wrote (11/8 @ 5:42 am); Those of us posting this "inside" information are either former employees, friends of former and current employees, or have done business with Blueware. It is 99.9% accurate. As stated above, if it was not accurate, Blueware would have refuted it. The one time they questioned the turnover stats, we provided them with names and titles. Where is the "open house" at the scanning facility? Where are the "press conferences" promised by Blueware?

    We do know where the proverbial "bodies are buried" and have no problem exposing Rose for what she is. The time is coming very soon when there will be criminal indictments handed down and this shame of a company will be shuttered.

  47. any more developments with Blueware?

  48. through the grapevine it has been said that Rose has relocated to the UK