Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BlueWare Misses Clerk's Office Deadline

MELBOURNE, Florida - BlueWare, Inc., the Brevard County Clerk of Courts digitizing contractor, has missed a deadline to respond to questions from Brevard Times.  The Clerk's office had previously said that BlueWare would "be responding in some capacity" by November 7, 2012, according to Katerina Pringis, a Public Records Research Clerk.

In a November 1 email, Jennifer Kenna of BlueWare questioned the relevance of the inquires, but declined to provide clarification, noting that whether or not the company would have further comment "is not my decision to be made."  Emails to another BlueWare employee, Kaitlin Welliver, have not been acknowledged by BlueWare.  Welliver previously provided on-the-record information.

The follow-up questions were raised after public comment resulting from a October 17 story in Brevard Times about the five-year $8.5 million digitizing contract between Clerk Mitch Needelman and BlueWare.  That story can be linked at

The outstanding questions include:

1. What is the current employment in the BlueGem digitizing effort and how/when will ramp-up occur?  Is it true that you are required to hire 192 workers within 24 months to receive Brevard EDC incentives?

2. There was a claim that veterans would be hired.  How is that process going?  Is there a specific system in place to connect your HR with veterans?  How many have been hired?

3.  There are claims that thee has been a high turnover rate in your company as of late.  Can you comment on the truth of these claims?

4. Where is the new permanent site and what equipment purchase have been made for it?

The questions were also provided to the Economic Development Commission of Florida's Space Coast.  Dina Reider-Hicks said that the EDC's role with BlueWare was limited to "business recruitment."

A press release from EDC said, "The EDC worked closely with the company to demonstrate the competitive advantages of locating in Brevard County and developed a competitive proposal outlining the tax advantages and skilled labor pool. BlueWare selected Brevard County over two other potential sites primarily due to its skilled labor pool and attractive tax climate."

Reider-Hicks added, "We have no knowledge or information related to the questions" and "as for the incentives question, BlueWare was awarded performance-based incentives through the state of Florida.  You can find details regarding the performance requirements for the incentives on the Enterprise Florida website."

A search of the Enterprise Florida website found no references to "BlueWare," BlueGem" or "Rose Harr."  As well, the press link did not have any related stories in 2012.


  1. I am going to share a secret with all my fellow citizens of Brevard County.

    Here is Business 101 from the Blueware strategy handbook.

    1 - Never answer any questions that may reveal the truth.

    2 - Never provide solid proof that you are doing what you say.

    3 - Here is the most important, when anyone attacks you never counter with facts. Call them liars and sling mud their way.

    And now how all these guidelines have been implemented in the latest string of stories that Blueware is not actually scanning documents but just collecting money on a contract that pays them $120,000 a month to do nothing except fly to England to plan their escape when Ellis comes to office.

    Rule 1 counter - They were asked to respond to the citizen questions by November 7. They ignored the request. If it was me, I would have had a press conference to answer these questions and field any new questions.

    Rule 2 counter - You rent a building instead of buying, you hire temporary employees through a hiring agency and you fire any real business people. If you really planned on staying wouldn't you have purchased a building by now instead of claiming there is no where for our big operations. You are evidently doing it in a 1,200 sq foot house right now. Why do you not hire full time employees instead of uisng a temporary agency? You can skirt a lot of the state regulations by hiring temporary employees. Every real executive who has walked through those doors left within 8 weeks and now you have a party planner and a part time marketing person with no sales experience leading sales.

    Rule 3 counter - Blueware has not provided any solid facts to counter any claim that was made in the 85 comments made in the feature articles about their company. They talk about Ellis like he is dirty, cannot provide proof of another client they did this same type of work for, and most importantly cannot show how their over priced solution is the right choice for the citizens who are paying the bill.

    Remember these words, the man who has nothing to hide, hides nothing.

    How come their special software that has been in development for 3 years and we purchased for $5.7 million is still not in production anywhere?

    We paid a lot of money for nothing.

  2. After reading these articles and all the comments made, it would seem that this would be easy to figure out if something was going on here.

    I am small business owner in town, I have never exectued a complicated government contract or claim to understand the complexity of software and hardware deals but I do understand business.

    Brevard County paid so far to this company Blueware about a million dollars of our money to do a job I am guessing by reading all the comments and articles.

    Shouldn't the county be able to go to them and say what have you purchased so far to do this job? How many employees have you hired to get this done? And, what goals have you met?

    I know it is their company but it is our money.

    Why are these questions so hard to answer? I am all for making a profit and believe every company needs to do that to survive, but let's get some answers and stop this non-sense now.

    If we gave you $1 million show me what you spent it on and how much it has cost you.

    In my business every single customer I deal with gets to see what they pay for, how about giving me the same rights!

  3. 6:19 AM there you go using logic.

    Let me paint this picture for you.

    What if you used all the money that was paid to you for this project to cover all your payroll expenses for a company that has made no money in the last 3 years.

    What if the first installment of $90 k was paid to your consultant Matt who made the deal happen?

    What if you are funding trips to the UK on these payments?

    Would you purchase real scanning equipment and real redacting software for $4 million dollars if you knew that you were just going to sub the work out to other companies?

    It would seem to me that there would not be much money left to do the job you were hired to do so you would try to use smoke and mirrors to simulate a real operation, maybe rent instead of buy, any one who questions your actions call them liars, try to ruin the crednetials of the 27 people who have been hired and left since you moved to Florida and maybe avoid answer questions when they are put forward.

    It is not real complicated once you know all the facts. If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck - it probably is a duck.

  4. The following information was taken from the original ITN that the clerk initiated. I would like to know wha are the "Experienced Clerk Consultants" "Who Insured BlueWare for Performance Bond" requirement" Why there are no ststed milestones in the contract?

    2.2 Evaluation Criteria and Negotiation Process

     The vendor must be able to provide experienced consultants
     The vendor must agree to provide a performance bond of $1,000,000.00.
     The vendor’s cost reply shall be for a milestone and deliverables-based fixed price solution.
     Any vendor not meeting the minimum qualifications will not be considered for further evaluation.

    The ITN also called for these criteria.


    4.1 General Overview
    A. Describe the expertise of the personnel to be utilized for each aspect of this
    project. Include Bio/resume of account executive(s) responsible for this
    B. Indicate the number of years and nature of your experience on related
    C. Indicate the number of years and nature of the company’s experience and
    expertise in the scanning and digital records industry.
    D. Detail company location that will be used to support the BREVARD COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS (Brevard County locations will receive priority preference).
    E. Describe commitment and procedures in delivering service to your
    F. Describe your procedures during any given emergency that will enable you to
    carry on the business contained in this ITN on behalf of BREVARD COUNTY CLERK OF COURTS.
    G. List current and past clients and the industries they represent.

    Where are they? Breach of Contract?

  5. Very interesting. They somehow produced credentials to meet those requirements and now the people are gone or someone turned a blind eye. Either way, none of the original staff are there when they were awarded this contract and they have not been replaced by qualified individuals.

    In regards to the performance bond, I heard they tried to get IBM to loan the county the money and Rose would get her money right away instead of waiting five years and taking a chance that when Ellis came on board he would cancel the contract.

  6. There is no performance bond. The whole job is a scam and very little has been accomplished by Rose's kid and his Day Laborers.

  7. From what you are saying Scott, it is interesting that her "project manager" is her son David Welliver. I guess the word is out and she cannot hire anyone with the proper qualifications or skills to develop a true production scanning facility. Of course, that is making the assumption she even wanted to create a true production facility in the first place. From what I am seeing and hearing, this has been a scam from the very beginning. Scott, can you share with us your plan on Day 1 when you being your new position. I think we would all love to know what you are going to do to correct this travesty. Of course we do not want you to tip off Rose about your action we would understand if you are vague or prefer not to disclose those steps at this time.

  8. I guess if this wasn't a scam they would have already purchased a permanent building. Don't you find it interesting they rented the house to do their scanning only until January - is it a coincidence that Scott takes office in January so when they get kicked out of town their lease is up?

    I guess if they were on the up and up they would have already purchased scanning equipment. Instead they are using borrowed licenses that Matt gets because he is pretending to sell the scanning solution to other businesses. That is one way to avoid making any real capital investment. You use licenses Kofax supplies to get sales of their equipment in production mode. It would be like taking poop bags from the dog park that are for free and selling them to the county at a premium as containers to store their office supplies.

    I guess if this wasn't a scam they would have hired real employees instead of having her twenty something daughter and son and a party planner run the company. Instead they have a temporary hiring agency do all the hiring so they can bypass paying benefits and no real leadership with any real world experience in what they are doing.

    If they really wanted to become part of the community they would have purchased homes instead of renting condos on the beach that leases run out in January so they can have a quick departure.

    I guess if they were really in it for the long haul they would not have tried so hard to get IBM to finance the deal by loaning the county the money and taking one lump sum payment of $8 million from IBM in September so when this whole thing falls apart in January they can skip town with their - excuse me - our money.

    The only problem is besides Mr. Ellis knowing what they are doing so do the authorities and they are breathing down their backs.

  9. After I am sworn in no further money will be released to Blueware. At that point I will also have access to anything signed or paid and suppressed to date.

  10. Thank you Scott - finally an end to this nightmare. So they will get two more payments totalling $240,000 for doing nothing.

    The only problem for them is that is when the real problems start for Rose and M & M. Because although the payments stop, law enforcement won't.

    You have some good folks at the county who tried to put square wheels on this deal to the best of their ability but there were also some who had no backbone and were helpers to the scam.

  11. I am very confused to what is going on with this company. I was interviewed two times with Blueware and told on my second interview that they wanted me to start right away. I was told by rose and katlin that my veteran status was very important to them. Before leaving my second interview katlin told me she would like me to start as soon as possible. I put my life on hold for these people and trusted what they were saying to me. They were willing to give me a starting salary of $60,000 a year and I was told I would be working in England quite a bit. After all the interviews, great conversations, emails, phone calls, nothing happen. They did higher a new COO Robert Baldwin and I did finally receive an e-mail from him telling me strategy has recently shifted to first hiring the executive team so that they can then hire the right people to fill out their respective organizations.He also told me that an offer was extended to a VP of Business Development and expect him to be on board in August. He then wrote "The CTO is the final executive we need to hire but we have a good candidate for that as well. Thanks for being patient as we build the team to take BlueWare to the next level." After about three or four weeks I tried to reach them again and absolutely nothing. They don't owe me anything, but if they are the professional software company that they presented to the citizens of this county that I think they should act professional.

  12. Don't be confused they did the same thing to me. I was interviewed three times - Rose, Kaitlin and Debbie all told me I was the best and they would send me an offer letter the next day. The letter never came and when I called to follow up I got unreturned calls followed by unanswered emails.

    After reading everything about this company and how they do business, I believe it was a blessing I did not get hired.

    But I do see your point and agree totally with you. They tell the public one story but execute a different one behind back doors.

    1. I agree, "I believe it was a blessing I did not get hired." It was just so unprofessional and it hurt me and my family! They should be ashamed for what they have put many good family's through with there promises.

  13. If you were interviewed and detected things going on which you feel were shaky or illegal you should contact FDLE. If you wish to contact me my e-mail is [email protected]

  14. Mr. Ellis,
    What of those people/statements that have been provided to the FDLE?
    Will the FDLE be taking any action or is BlueWare et all teflon?
    Do you or will you have access to that information?

  15. FDLE holds everything confidential. The prosecution would be the State Attorney. I don't have access to the interviews. If for some bizarre reason this is not prosecuted the whole file will become public record, like the Sarno Landfill report. I'm pretty sure this one will not have the ball dropped.

  16. Trust me many of us have been interviewed by FDLE and we are not allowed to share what we were asked or what we told them.

    That is all I am allowed to say for now.

  17. They have this now posted, are they for real or what.

  18. Who would take a job there? There are a lot of desperate people out there who do not know better.

    The funniest part is the 23 steps to a sale. This is something Rose lives by. It is something she created (or so she says) and if you follow all 23 steps you are guaranteed a sale. Guess what - in the last 3 years they have never sold their product called Bestbond. One reason is because it still has not been completed and the other running into a deal like Mitch gave them is very rare.

    They forgot a qualification: Must be able to live without getting regular paychecks, do not complain when your expenses are not paid, do not ask questions like - do we actually have a real product and the most important- believe Rose and her make believe world she creates.

  19. Did anyone do there homework before giving these people Money or promoting them like Executive Director of the Florida Department of Veterans Affairs Ret. Army Col. Mike Prendergast did?...and what about Brevard County Commissioner Mary Bolin, did she do her homework?...and what about and Melbourne city manager Jack Schluckebier? These are people that where at the ribbon cutting ceremony giving praise to these folks. We have schools shutting down for a lack of funds and we are giving it to this company and i do not see anyone that really cares. Is Florida Today on top of this? Has anyone sent the FBI to arrest these people? I'm perplexed i really am. I see all this talk but not a bit of action. Do we have any back ground on this company that is real? Have they ever been a legit company? Do WE KNOW ANYTHING!!!!?

    1. Who cares if Florida Today is on top of this. Brevard Times is...

    2. Thank you, I really hope so!!

  20. Well this was from August of this year -

    So evidently this is business as usual for these folks.

    When the heat is being put on like it is for them right now no one wants to be associated with a company like this. No colonels, commissioneers or managers are going to even claim they knew them or had anything to do with their relocation.

    What I have been told is at one time they were a legit company but their technology grew old and weak and could no longer be competitive. The founder evidently has trouble keeping her eye on the ball and hires and fires people like we change our clothes. If you do not agree with her then she fires you. Which is her option but if you do not want to listen to logic it is often called being dilusional.

    The problem all started about 3 years ago when they would not spend the money to get their product certified and no one wanted to buy it any more. Speculation on why they would not spend the money had many theories but the bottom line is they do not have a product and it still is in development after three years.

    Their customer base started to abandon them. At one time they had 65 hospitals and locations in the UK but since that time all but three customers are gone and the UK kicked them out of the country. Those 3 customers are actively testing new solutions and should be gone in January.

    Rose will not read any bad news about her or her company and if someone brings it up she throws a tandrum.

    Right now she is playing a game of hide and seek until she can get a product developed. Unfortunately, as she is buying time for that to happen she has fallen victim to some shady deals to keep the company afloat.

    Do I think there was malice when this all started - no. But I also believe Bernie Madoff had no malice when he started.

    It is what it is and she is trying everything she can to keep it together and not let any one know. I know this because my friend worked there for many years and saw this all happen.

    Instead of working on things like fulfilling the contract they signed with the county she is telling everyone she is developing a software product that will work with IBM Watson to predict diseases before they happen. If that was true would IBM leave her high and dry on the Brevard County deal - probably not.

    Reality is reality and unfortunately the folks of Brevard were led to the three card monty table by an exiting Clerk of the Court who had his personal interest over what was best for the county.

    Don't be fooled by side stepping comments by them. Everything has been orchestrated for deception and they are good.

    Why you do not know much about them is because in 2004 Rose exited to the UK because things got hot in the US and she needed to leave the country. She went to the UK and started things over there until it got hot over and she was kicked out. Now she is back here trying to start up here again hoping no one remembers.

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  22. So this was June, almost 6 months ago.

    Not one of the 30 people have relocated from the Michigan unless you count Rose and her two kids who live with her.

    In this economy, they have not been able to buy one building.

    And how many of those 192 $69,000 jobs have been filles for more than 8 weeks.

    Don't spend too much time on figuring it out I will tell you real quick no employees, no building, and no new hires.

    And you wonder why no one wants to touch this with a 10 foot pole.

  23. Where does Robert Baldwin COO come into all this, is he still with them, and why would a guy like him get involved with this company. He used to be CEO of a major Healthcare company called Medi-Share. To many questions and no answers.

  24. Gov. Rick Scott of Florida endorsed them ????

  25. Time to call our Senators on this one!!!

  26. I can answer this one - Robert is no longer with them and has been gone for some time. Robert was recruited heavily by Blueware and only went to them because some top executives that Rose asked for help in finding the best COO in Melbourne highly recommended him. Robert took the job with some very lofty promises that were never met.

    He was there for only 6 weeks and then left. He tried to change things around with the company as Rose requested but every suggestion he made she ignored or would refuse to meet with him when he asked for meetings to answer questions like - where are we with the Bestbond product, could you review this building that we should buy or we need to hire some resources to meet the requirements of the county scanning project and buy some equipment. She becamse furious with him for asking questions or trying to get answers.

    So when Robert knew things could not and would not change, he gracefully bowed out. He has never spoken a bad word about the company or Rose - he is too classy for that. However, Rose has taken every opportunity to blame him for all the problems.

    And before Robert there was Nick. And we was a problem because he became upset with Rose because she would not pay him because he had bills to pay. And then there was Paul who had to be let go because he tried to implement big business policies for a company with no morales. And then there was Justin who questioned why we needed to spend so much time calling up customers for good referrals instead of just trying to do a good job for the existing customers. And then there was Carol who questioned how Blueware was going to scan documents with no staff or equipment and was blamed for causing problems. And then there was Todd who was brought in to head the Sales team of one and when he asked Rose what he was supposed to sell since they had no product, he was told to follow the 23 steps and just sell the concept and by the time all the paper work is done the product will be done. And my favorite Vian who lasted two days. She was hired as the CFO and looked at the financials on day 1 and left day 2.

    Do you get the idea? It is a pattern and the one thing that remains constant is the head of the monster.

  27. Now I am confused about this company and what they do.

    The best I can tell this is a woman, some relatives and a few employees back in Michigan. They claim to own and run about 10 companies.

    Rose Harr statement in newspaper article - BlueWare Is Framework of 10 Companies.

    On her LinkedIn page she claimes to own a production company that makes movies, screenplays and publishes books:

    RoseWare has create 1 movie - "Life Expectancy of the Rise" . RoseWare has 4 screenplays in the production stage, Cartoon about Boston Terriers, Mystery movie about reincarnation, Historical Fiction about the town of Cadillac Michigan and the difficulty experienced in the 1950-1960s when BF Goodrich pulled out and left the town with 50% unemployment.

    Also, she states that Bluegem is on its way to $20 million dollars in revenue in 2012. And that is only 1 of the ten companies.

    So my question is if this is all true, do you think they would be able to afford a builing to buy instead of renting an old house as their business office for their global headquarters that they claim Melbourne has become?

    How can so much be accomplished by one woman, her two kids and some temporary hire employees she uses?

    You don't think we have a Wizard of Oz scenario here and she is trying to keep the curtain closed from all of us - do you?

  28. For those of you curious how a sale could actually take 23 steps, here they are - as created by Rose Harr. Based on following these 23 steps, every 90 days you should have a new customer. If Rose swears by these as a previous writer said, how come they have not brought anyone on in over 3 years now? Oh I know, it cannot be the process or the "lack of product", it must be the people she hires. Yeah right.

    23 Steps to a Sale

    Noticing (10 Days)
    Step 1 - Budget
    Step 2 - Time Frame
    Step 3 - Name of Influencer
    Step 4 - Send Sales Packet

    Identifying (5 Days)
    Step 5 - Webcast Viewing

    Validating (25 Days)
    Step 6 - Internet Demo or On-Site Demo
    Step 7 - Demo Feedback & Identify Approval Process
    Step 8 - Decision Maker(s) & Buying Process
    Step 9 - Send the Following Requests and Set Up Clarification Conference Call
    Step 10 - Clarification Conference Call

    Qualifying (5 Days)
    Step 11 - Design Review (internal)
    Step 12 - Change Request Process if New Functionality

    Conditionally Agreeing (20 Days)
    Step 13 - Design Review (customer)
    Step 14 - Proposal Complete (Internal Review & Delivery)
    Step 15 - On-Site Demo (Optional If Done in Step 6)
    Step 16 - Reference Site Visit
    Step 17 - ROI

    Winning (20 Days)
    Step 18 - Proposal Review
    Step 19 - Present at Monthly Doctor Meeting
    Step 20 - Board Meeting - Letter & Packets

    Implementing (5 Days)
    Step 21 - Signed Proposal
    Step 22 - Schedule Implementation
    Step 23 - Introduce Project Manager & Schedule Kick-Off Meeting

  29. Are you serious? This is the formula to claimed success.

    Let me make her life a little easier:

    Step 1 - Have a good product
    Step 2 - Have a fair price
    Step 3 - Stand behind your product and support your customer
    Step 4 - Repeat Step 1 thru 3 and go to a new customer

    But from what I can tell from reading I do not think they have Step 1 completed yet.

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  31. Are these people still around? Do they have a office?

  32. Blueware, are they still in Melbourne conducting business?

  33. Is this a trick question on conducting business?

  34. Per their website.

    1825 Riverview Dr.
    Melbourne, FL 32901 USA
    Tel: +1 (321) 953 5999

    3060 W. 13th St.
    Cadillac, MI 49601 USA
    Tel: +1 (231) 779 0224


    Basepoint Business & Innovation Centre
    Caxton Close
    Andover, Hampshire
    SP10 3FG
    United Kingdom
    Tel: +44 (0) 1264 326356

  35. Blueware is renting two locations -

    1825 Riverview Dr.
    Melbourne, FL 32901

    316 E. Strawbridge Ave
    Melbourne, FL 32901

    Both locations are rented.

    Riverview location they are renting an office with 6 cubicles. The Strawbridge Ave location is a 1200 square foot house that is now the center for scanning all the Clerk of the Court records.

    1. Dont they have a west drive location too I worked for then only one week but I did not trust them so I got out of it.

  36. Now, conducting business is another question.

    Are they taking orders from current customers for interfaces, data conversion - Yes. Are they delivering the product in a timely manner - No. Are they trying to sucker some hospitals/health care systems into buying their vaporware - more commonly known as BestBond - Yes. Are they successful at selling any product - No. Are they collecting money from Brevard County taxpayers - Yes. Are they producing in accordance with the contract - No.

    So, are they doing business? You have to make the judgement. They are doing something. Just not sure it can legitimately be called business.

  37. I apologize but I am not able to see through your sarcasm. It's not intended to be a trick question. I am reading all of these post and the above article and trying to figure out if these people are still in business. Is the state of Florida allowing them to take taxpayer money? Has any legal action been taken if they are still conducting business to stop them from conducting business? We are a small community of hardworking taxpayers with schools being closed and I see we apparently continue to give these folks money. I apologize but it all seems so surreal

    1. This is not the person that responded to you earlier and I apologize for their sarcasm, for some, this is a very emotional issue and I am sure it was their level of frustration that came out with no intent to blur your understanding. It is difficult to watch your county get screwed and not be able to do much about it.
      Yes they are still getting monthly payments from the County 125,000 per month currently. No, they are not performing any of the duties they contracted for, no scanning, no redaction, nada.
      No legal action yet, if there will be any remains to be seen. The FDLE and other agencies are and have been investigating.

  38. Just to make it perfectly clear what these world wide offices are:

    Michigan a run down house they own and have 13 staff located. 4 people work behind desks that used to be the living room. 1400 square feet.

    The Melbourne world wide corporate headquarters is a rented office that is 600 square feet.

    The scanning center that is the center for the $8 million contract is a 1200 square feet house that has been rented for 6 months.

    The UK offices is a 220 square foot office in an office park that has 67 other offices. They rent the space and have been recently evicted for back payment issues.

    Very liquid operation.

  39. What can the citizens of this community do at this point. I would like to know if we have some TV stations with cameras in their faces and asking them direct questions and demanding direct answers. Do we have our largest newspaper with cameras in their face asking them direct questions and demanding direct answers. Or are the above post just disgruntled people. If the above is true then I would expect TV stations, newspapers, and someone trying to do something to stop these people.

  40. Your frustration is being felt by all of us Kenlyn. I think the public has become frustrated by this company and it has gotten close to the point of hysteria.

    The newspaper and Clerk of the Court has asked Blueware to address the very questions you have risen and they refuse to respond. No one will answer any questions and the monthly payments of $120,000 continue despite the fact nothing has been accomplished.

    They are currently being protected by the current Clerk of the Court hiding all documents that relate to the contract being awarded and it will be until January when Scott Ellis is in office to reveal what has happened.

    In the mean time, they have taken close to a million dollars of our money and have nothing to show for it. The frustration also comes from the fact they are allowed to parade government officials braggin about everything they were going to do for Melbourne and have done nothing.

    Apparently, the frustration you are reading is the result of these actions.

    I personally am frustrated that I drive through our community and see empty buildings and they claim there are no buildings to buy.

    My children go to a school were activities have been cancelled because there are no funds and we pay this company $1 million dollars for nothing.

    Kenlyn this is a tragedy that has bestowed our community and no one seems to care or can do anything about it.

  41. Kenyln, Yes, legally they are still doing business. To the best of my knowledge, the State of Florida has not stepped in and prohibited them from taking our money. They are being investigated by the FDLE, but as of yet, there has been no arrests. We are hopeful that at minimum Rose Harr, and Mitch Needleman will be charged. There are others that are culpable, such as Mitch's deputy Sean Campbell, and his Finance Director Mike McDaniel, Rose's lobbyist Matt Dupree, and perhaps a few others on the BlueWare side.

  42. Great question on who has voiced all these concerns.

    It would seem to me that if the company had a counter for these questions or it was from discgruntled employees wouldn't they respond to the questions or be proactive.

    I am sure it would not be hard to provide employment history. current staffing levels, documents that have been scanned, real estate transactions. These would not reveal any company secrets would it? Especially if these milestones were related to EDC incentives or public contracts they have been awarded.

  43. I can confirm that I have heard the same about the ongoing investigations. I heard it has taken so long because the case is so big they are trying to figure out how many people are involved and the extent of the charges.

  44. The only way that were going to get anywhere at this point in time is to let every single citizen of this community know what's going on. The question is this, how can we do that. I have contacted Florida today and have not received a response as of yet, I have contacted our senators and have not received a response as of yet, I see that the governor is involved as well by promoting this company. I don't want to sound like a conspiracy person but could it be that this is so big of a deal with so many politicians involved that they are simply trying to sweep this under the rug? The only way that this is going to get legs is that the media gets involved in a big way. We need to see this lady and governors face on TV being asked questions with a reporter demanding answers. That is the only way at this point I can see this will get anywhere. If anyone has any better ideas please as a pain taxpayer let me know and I will do my best as long as it's legal.

  45. All these discussion have been about the scanning contract. Is anyone looking into the other contracts?

    With the Cost Containment contract, Blueware has been paid over $140,000 for three contract that were "renegotiated" without any documentation of where the "savings" came from. Were contracts ever rewritten?

    They have sold the County overpriced "off the shelf" software under the guise of computer maintenance/security. They were paid thousands of dollars for this sham of an agreement.

    I do hope Scott and FDLE is aware of these other contracts and they are being investigated as well.

  46. Do we have a local TV station or an Orlando TV station with an "On Your Side" investigative reporter to ask these simple questions?

  47. We need to call or contact these folks, they can help! I Have....

  48. Scott Ellis do you have any updates for us?

  49. The whole Blueware deal is nothing but a multi-million scam perpetrated on the people of Brevard and Florida. The Florida Today has REFUSED to do any kind of investigative reporting on thi issue all year. Prior to the election it could have hurt Needeman's chances, after it would confirm the things they failed to investigate. There is still a $250,000 Blueware IT 'Audit' that was refused as a public record. Blueware recently bought a large building on West Drive, we'll know by mid January if the Clerk paid for it or not.

  50. Word on the street was once IBM refused to finance the deal they went to HP and they financed the deal. After that was completed, Rose purchased an insurance company in Europe and plans on moving to the UK. She will leave the operations in the US to some appointee and she is getting out of town.

    This fit into her master plan of getting her money as quickly as possible so when Ellis took office and cancelled the contract someone else would be left holding the note and she would hide the money in a place no one could touch - maybe a company in a foreign country.

    And yet the mascarade continues and no one does anything.

  51. So Rose has got her $8M taxpayer dollars and is skipping town. Isn't that just great. How can a company like HP be stupid enough to finance a deal like this?

    If I am understanding this correctly, if/when she skips town and this deal falls apart, there is nothing that can be done to get back any of the money the County paid her. Or, does the County now owe HP $8M and the court fight will be between the County and HP? How does this all work now?

    Hopefully the legal system will still nail her!

  52. That is the beauty in the plan. It is a master piece. HP provided the loan to the county, the county paid Rose her money as soon as they received it and Rose transferred the money out of the country and has it tied up in foreign businesses.

    Now the beauty in the plan - once the contract gets cancelled by Scott, the note is between HP and the county and not Blueware. HP and their building fill of lawyers will be fighting with the county to get their payment and the county will have to fight with Blueware to get the money. If Blueware is no where to be found then who gets left holding the bag - you got it - the county.

    Now the funny part in this whole thing. Why did HP take the deal - they are loaning money to the county with interest and the county is buying HP hardware.

    Why would the county agree to payment in advance for services that have not even been rendered?

    Rose valued her software that is not even completed yet or installed anywhere at $5 million dollars and said it is installed and running. I am no technology expert but if they had $5 million dollars worth of software for scanning and retireval do you think it would be running in a $800 per month rental house?

  53. If the HP deal is computer hardware the County Commission was warned. The contract would be with the Clerk, not the Board of County Commissioners. It will be an operational disaster if true.
    If HP bought out the scanning contract they'll get what they deserve (nothing) and good luck getting any money back from whatever BlueXXXX took the check. A contract awarded under fraudulent conditions is not valid. FDLE has been all over this. They cannot do the indictment. Needelman should have been indicted and removed months ago. If this blog is correct it is more millions of tax dollars squandered by delaying justice for all of these flim flam artists.

  54. Thanks for update Scott, I'm concerned with your statement - ..."They cannot do the indictment...". What!?? So it is possible no one will go down for this heist?

    Should we all start writing to FDLE to ask what is going on? Because it sure seems like we/they are purposefully looking the other way while boatloads of our $$ go out the back door.

  55. FDLE is not the State Attorney. Law enforcement may investigate but only the State Attorney can prosecute. FDLE is not looking the other way, but any further information on the Blueware deal would be appreciated, especially should any HP deal materialize. They already bought the building, no telling how it was paid for.

  56. Most of us posting here since pre-primary didn’t think this thing could stink worse at the time, and I for one thought something would have been done by now. Not so much. Check the dichotomy of this scam and the appraiser Jim Ford office scandal of ‘07.

    When FDLE was investigating Ford/Larson they just stormed the office and hauled out the records. There was really no immediacy to that issue as the alleged loss was in the form of revenue never received from assessment favoritism.

    In this case- where we have large amounts of $ continuing to be paid on a fraud contract - I am reading on this blog …”There is still a $250,000 Blueware IT 'Audit' that was refused as a public record”, and that we will have to ‘wait until Jan' to find things out…see if we paid for the building…

    FDLE and/or the St Atty apparently do NOT see any need for quick action in this case or they would have obtained a warrant to just go in and look for the records, no? Very troubling.

  57. On-line access to the clerk’s official records has been down since 7 am today. More lost productivity due to Needelman & Co. I don’t think I can afford him being in there another week let alone until January!

  58. More schools closing....let's give Rose more money to take to the UK for her afternoon tea....Wake up people of Brevard County....she is taking YOUR money....oh wait, she is a Woman so it's okay to steal as she is just trying to compete in a man's world...good grief how does she sleep at night....oh wait, it's the meds

  59. "Please allow me to introduce myself
    I'm a woman of wealth and taste
    I've been around for a long, long year
    Stole many a man's soul and faith

    I was 'round when Jesus Christ
    Had his moment of doubt and pain
    Made damn sure that Pilate
    Washed his hands a’ sealed his fate

    Pleased to meet you
    Hope you guess my name"

  60. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  61. Mr. Ellis,
    My ex-wife interviewed with this company on Dec 19, 2012 and accepted a job which she started on Jan 7, 2013. She also quit another well-paying job to start with Blueware. After reading these posts I am a bit concerned because we do have kids between the two of us. Is there a possibility that this company is shutting down soon? I was wondering if I should inform her of this website and all the negative postings concerning the company that she's working for.

  62. This should answer all questions:

  63. Amazing this has all been out here for so long and after one year of Mr. Ellis's relentless pursuit of the criminals do we finally see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you Scott for being you!!! We all owe you. I only pray she does not use her money to buy herself out of trouble.