Thursday, November 15, 2012

UPDATE: Needelman and Company Owner Mum Regarding Digitizing Contract

TITUSVILLE, Florida - The outgoing Brevard County Clerk of Courts and the owner of a controversial county contractor have not responded to recent media requests regarding an $8.5 million digitizing contract.
Brevard Times emailed Mitch Needelman on November 12 with a list of questions to clarify recent activity by BlueWare, Inc., the company Needleman hired to digitize Brevard County court records.  As well, Brevard Times reached out to Rose Harr, the owner of BlueWare, through social media on the same day.

On November 16, Brevard Times received an email from Katerina Hingis, a Public Records Research Clerk with the Clerk's office, that said, "The Clerk’s office may not compel contractors to respond to public records requests. Under §119.07 (1)(c) we have acknowledged your request, but as the Clerk’s office is not the custodian of the records you have requested, we are not authorized under Florida Statute to compel production from a third-party for your request.

The Clerk’s office has complied with your requests and has provided you all requested public records and information in our custody. Should you need further public records that are in Clerk of Court’s custody, we would be happy to provide them upon direct request."
Hingis had previously said, regarding an October 30 inquiry, that BlueWare would be responding to media questions by November 7.  Since this date passed with no response, Brevard Times sent the following request directly to Needelman:
“They (BlueWare) did not respond by the above-mentioned date.  Since you are the contracing agency, is it not your responsibility to ensure that your contractors respond with due diligence? Representatives from BlueWare have gone silent and citizens are demanding answers to legitimate questions.”
The message sent to Harr requested answers to previously-sent questions and information on the alleged purchase of a building in Melbourne for $850,000.
Previous questions submitted to Needelman and Harr surround employment practices, veterans hiring, and contract deliverables. 

In posts to earlier related stories in Brevard Times, incoming Clerk Scott Ellis has said that there is an ongoing investigation by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement regarding this contract and that he will stop payments to BlueWare once he is in office in January.


  1. Charles, why don't you camp out in Blueware's office at 1825 Riverview Dr., Melbourne? Rose needs to answer some questions.

  2. Won't do any good. She is in the UK buying companies over there with about $6.4 million dollars she recently came into.

  3. Does any one besides me see irony that the new Blueware building is off Ellis Road?

    I thought part of the EDC incentives were that they had to purchase a building in a specific depressed area in order to get the incentives. Is the Industrial park considered depressed?

  4. OK so they are not compelled under the law to answer any questions about the contract or the vendor's executing the contract but does that mean you don't have the moral responsibility to remove the perception of wrong doing?

    This was a back room deal executed by two former friends and associates - Matt and Mitch - to line the pockets of carpet bagging contractor with no experience, referrencable accounts or integrity.

    If this was my company and there were any questions of improper behavior I would answer any and all questions that were put forth - unless I was afraid of the answers. Matt got rewarded already with a high paying job at Blueware and a large commission check for executing the deal and Mitch has been promised future employment and consulting fees for mascarading this charade onto the next county.

    It is about time someone wakes up and tells Rose get back from the UK and answer some questions.

    Don't tell me what you are compelled to do - it is not your money but ours. You were put in charge to manage it for us so now answer the questions on why you did what you did.

  5. Rose keeps denying that Matt Dupree works at Blueware then why is there an email address of [email protected] listed on the Blueware web site?