Thursday, November 1, 2012

Clerk's Attorney Refers Staffing Questions to BlueWare

TITUSVILLE, Florida - The Brevard County Clerk of Courts office is referring follow-up questions about staffing and office space to its contractor in regards to the $8.5 million court records digitizing project.
The questions emailed to the Clerk’s office and BlueWare included clarification on employment issues, such as current staffing (including veteran hiring), Economic Development Commission incentives, supposed high turnover rates, and whether a former associate of County Clerk Mitch Needelman has been hired in company management.  The inquiry also asked more specific questions about the permanent digitizing site that BlueWare/BlueGem claims is near finalization.
 “The Clerk’s office is in receipt of the public records request you submitted on 10/30/12,” responded Katerina Pringis, a Public Records Research Clerk for the Brevard County Clerk of Courts, to a Brevard Times email request.  “According to Clerk’s counsel, the subject matter of the questions contained in your request is not under the purview of the Clerk.  For this reason, your request has been forwarded to BlueWare for reply.  It is my understanding that BlueWare will be responding in some capacity to your request by Wednesday, 11/7/12.”
An email request for answers was sent to BlueWare on 10/23/12.  A BlueWare employee said today she did not know whether the company would respond.
The initial article - with quotes from the Clerk’s office, Scott Ellis, and a BlueWare representative - can be linked at


  1. “According to Clerk’s counsel, the subject matter of the questions contained in your request is not under the purview of the Clerk…”

    Oh, really? Well, the $8.5 Mil is sure under their PURVIEW. This should be considered a blatant and criminal neglect of duties and Needelman needs to be removed from that office TODAY!

    Come on FDLE, WTH?

  2. A Blueware employee said they did not know if the company would respond. Really? At what point does someone step in and say ENOUGH! In the old west they would have run this company out of town on a rail.

  3. Would love to know just WHO it is in power that is protecting this guy - Dick Scott? Un-Be-Lievable!

  4. You can't have it both ways.

    You cannot say everyone we are moving to Melbourne and are going to hire 192 people at $69 k per year and then not tell us how many people you actually hired.

    You cannot have a ribbon cutting ceremony for your new office building and then not actually have an office building but rent a house.

    You cannot say you are the best in digital scanning and then never show us the product or give us a list of references of who you did this for already.

    You cannot win a contract with a government agency and then when you are asked about staffing and office space say you do not know if you are going to answer these questions.

    Stop the craziness today. We are all tired of Blueware and Rose's antics.

    Once and for all someone needs to tell the truth!

    We deserve better than this.

  5. The Clerks office doesn't control the hiring practices of BlueWare, yes they could apply pressure but they are not. It was Rick Scott and the EDC that offered the rebate incentives for hiring hence the 192 count, perhaps inquiries should go there as well. Mr. Scott risks greater exposure simply becasue of his position and involvement putting the package together.

  6. Don’t forget - there was no mention of Blueware and the Brevard Clerk’s deal when Dick Scott and EDC announced this big ‘coup’. Needelman did not do the sham Invite to Bid until the day after. See anything in this press release that talks about scanning records for government entities?

    …”BlueWare software, now called BestBond, aggregates patient information from disparate systems and merges the information into a common, user-friendly view of the patient’s entire health history. BlueWare will be developing and writing software, document scanning and developing in the areas of robotics, nanotechnology and genomics, as it applies to a patient’s medical records…”

    While they may all have been in bed together - after skating on $2 bil in Medicare fraud, I highly doubt Dick Scott is touchable for any of this scam. Good try at mitigating responsibility of Needelman/your boss though.

  7. I may not be educated on how all this who is guilty and who is not but the one thing that stands out is the following line:

    BlueWare will be developing and writing software, document scanning and developing in the areas of robotics, nanotechnology and genomics, as it applies to a patient’s medical records.

    What the hell does any of this have to do with scanning the county records?

    It would seem to me they would have been able to find someone, somewhere with experience doing this rather than handing over a sweet contract to the new kid in town who is already getting a lot of incentives to be here.

    How about leveling the playing field and giving everyone a fair chance at the little business that is in this economically depressed area?

    Blueware came skating into town making a whole bunch of promises of which none they delivered on. And Melbourne gave them tax breaks, incentives and an $8.5 million contract.

    Now Needleman will be out of office, Rose will pack up her bags and run over to England since she burnt her bridges in Michigan and we will be stuck with a project that has gone nowhere, a lot of valuable tax dollars spent and the bodies of a lot of former employees laid to rest with empty promises and owed money.

    Word on the street is the Blueware law firm has bailed on them this week. Do you think they know something we don't?

    1. Sue Smith (Blueware's attorney) has bailed on her as well? Wow...she was like BFF's with Rose. Went on the taxpayer funded trip to England and everything. Interesting if this is true. Marks another huge step in the downfall of Blueware and Rose Harr. Could it be something as simple as not getting paid like everyone else, or as stated above...does Sue know something we don't? Inquiring minds want to know.

  8. Interesting article in the Times yesterday about Blueware missing the date for providing answers as mentioned in the article above. Apparently nobody is talking at Blueware...they have gone into "lock down" mode. Is the end in sight? Have the FDLE made their move?