Saturday, December 15, 2012

BCC President To Recommend New Name

COCOA, Florida - Brevard Community College President James Richey will be recommending a new name for the college to the BCC Board of Trustees on Monday, January 17, Richey said in an email to staff.

“My goal is to recommend a name that serves the best long-term interests of the College and the community, and that reflects our new expanded mission.  In the end, the Trustees will make the final decision,” Richey said.

After the Board of Trustees acts, the new name will be sent to the state legislature and Gov. Rick Scott for final approval.  Richey expects the new name to be official on July 1, 2013.

The name change is necessary as BCC will start offering four-year degrees next year and become a state college.  Richey added that “22 other institutions in the Florida College System have already taken this step.”

Richey said that that many people have been involved and the suggestions have been “enthusiastic.”  Stakeholders who have provided input include full-time and adjunct faculty, staff, current students, prospective students, alumni, donors, and business, community and minority leaders from Titusville to Palm Bay, along with elected officials.

Ideas were also generated from the college’s Facebook page.

Over 70 names have been suggested, according to Richey.  We cannot be called ‘Brevard College’ because there is a Brevard College in North Carolina that owns the name.   We also cannot be called a ‘university’ because that’s a far higher standard to reach, and our mission does not meet that designation.”


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  2. The renaming of our Brevard Community College to EASTERN FLORIDA COLLEGE (without any mention of BREVARD) is an insult to every resident of Brevard County. We, the taxpayers of Brevard County, have always had pride in our local community college. To delete any mention of Brevard in the new title of the school is outrageous. Only an outsider with no tradition, roots, or respect for Brevard and its residents would make a recommendation that did not include "Brevard" in it. Shame - shame -- shame. regardless of the North Carolina name surely there is some creativity at BREVARD COMMUNITY COLLEGE to solve the problem.

    1. It should remain "Brevard Community College" which is exactly what it is.