Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ellis Plans Moneysaving Changes In Clerk's Office

Incoming Brevard Clerk of Courts Scott Ellis
TITUSVILLE, Florida - The Clerk of Courts office will have fewer managers and “more people who do the work” as part of a plan to save money for the taxpayers, according to incoming Clerk Scott Ellis. 
He will be sworn in on Tuesday at Noon at the Brevard County Government Complex in Titusville and will then visit all of the Clerk’s offices.  Ellis defeated incumbent Mitch Needleman in a primary last summer.
“We will go back to making more information available online for free, saving both the public and the Clerk’s Office time and money,” Ellis added.  “Turning off many of the contracts signed by the current regime will save well over $1 million annually.
“More regular workers will be added in place of the excess management and bogus contracts being paid.  They will cost less than what is being subtracted, and we have to make it work as currently the office is being overspent through the long term contracts and the hiring of over 30 people after the election.
“I expect our overall staffing levels to be roughly the same.  We may have a few more employees who do the work, but the few additional employees will be a saving over the excess management now leaving the building.“
One of those contracts - the contentious court records digitizing contract with BlueWare, Inc. - is a focal point of Ellis’ changes.
“The Clerk (outgoing clerk Needleman) unlawfully borrowed $6.1 million from Hewlett Packard and fronted Blueware $5.7 million for their five year contract.  The $8.3 million for digitizing will be over, unfortunately with more than $1 million already gone down the drain,” Ellis said.
Ellis noted that many of the upper level management are resigning, but there are still salary issues to be considered.
“The new layer of management (that Needleman installed) has been leaving on their own, collecting $15,000 to $20,000 severance bonuses on the way out,” Ellis said.  “The last round of pay raises must be rescinded and I believe a large amount of the first round will be removed as we prepare to re-badge the outsourced employees in the first month.”
Ellis added that he hopes to determine the fiscal outlook for the office within his first week.
“The management and structure of the Viera and Titusville offices will have been reworked.  We will have an auditor and paralegal on board to sort through what has happened over the last two years as we meet with members of the Clerk’s staff.  We are going to see what we have legally in past expenditures and contracts as well as what exactly the current financial situation is of the office.”




  2. There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Scott Ellis - thank god.

    What happens to all the people Rose hired at Blueware to do the digitizing contract - do they get fired, does she get in trouble for making flase promises to so many people - I know once again she will blame some one else for the actions she has to take. If it was up to me I would keep you all on board but the bad man named Ellis is making us do it - I can hear her now saying,

    I think the reloaction people need to reexamine the tax rebates and incentives they gave her to come down here. I believe they meant you need to hire and keep employed 192 people - not just hire and fire people to make your numbers and get your money.

    If she has already taken $1 million dollars maybe she should give us the brand new building she purchased and we will call it even - or actually we won't be able to call her if she is in jail. If she calls we will accept the charges and say even.

    Do the prison jump suits come in blue? I do know how much she loves blue.

    Scott - STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Welcome back Scott!! Finally, things will get back to normal, although it will take time for you to actually see how much damage Mitch Needleman has done. He definitely has ripped-off the citizens of Brevard County. Wonder what will be on Needleman's agenda next? Prison? Stealing from the clerk's office will land him there. Aidios Needleman, you did nothing for the COC...just screw us all over!!

  4. Welcome Back Scott the chaos is almost over. And it feels really good to not have to hide behind an Annonymous name.
    Thank the Lord for answering prayers, and thank goodness the Clerks office will have the right man to restore the damage that has been done.

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  6. cott Ellis Please keep us up to date on that Blueware scam. With schools closing and good people out of work we do not need this place to be attached to Brevard County. We need you to step up to the plate and do what is right. Thank you Mr. Ellis

  7. Well perhaps if Rose does have the $1million then she would kindly repay the money she owes my company which put us and our staff through some very difficult times during this global recession; nearly forcing us into liquidation. Thanks Rose

  8. oh, scott. you are a joke. it will not take too many years for you to quit again. as soon as you spend all the excess money that was left to you, you will be right back where you were before.

    1. Eric and David you really need to work on your punctuation. Or maybe it was Ibbe trying to learn English and practicing on blogs.

      FYI - there is no extra money - everyone knows that and you can try to paint Scott as the bad guy but that is not true. We all know the truth.

      Here are some questions for you to ponder?

      Why has Rose and Jennifer went to go hide in the UK if the reason they moved to Melbourne in the first place was because of all the opportunity here in Florida?

      How come no one from your office has answered any of the questions regarding the contract that was signed - afraid of the truth?

      The truth will set you free.

  9. “Historic Downtown Melbourne will be enhanced by the siting of BlueWare in the heart of downtown. Revitalization, together with 190 new high-tech, high wage employees in the growing health care sector, combine to form an outstanding development arrangement. We appreciate the State and Brevard County for helping expedite this business location,” said Cindy Dittmer, Planning and Economic Development Director, City of Melbourne.

    Then why is their office located next to the interstate - this makes no sense?????

  10. I am still stuck on the whole comment from above. You are telling me that Rose paid for us to move her to Melbourne and buy her a building and other tax incentives and the reason was to higher local folks and to develop local business and now her and her followers are in the UK?

    Does any one besides me see this as a problem?

    How much are we going to let this woman get away with and what idiots are continuing to work for her?

    If you moved to Florida to do business don't you think you should do more than one contract before you high tail it to another country.

    You don't think she is hiding over there because her world is about to fall apart??? I heard she does not like bad news and often hides from it than facing it.

  11. Re Rose and all her followers in the UK. Quite simply, no. She has no followers in the UK, at least to my knowledge. It is a phoney business

  12. Those are some pretty strong words -

    A phoney business means you do not have a product, you sell people vaporware, you negotiate contracts for things you really cannot do and when you are asked questions about it you cannot provide answers.

    My apologies you are right - it is a phoney business.

  13. the final audits and accounting of funds in the clerk's office, by INDEPENDENT auditor firm are public record. why don't you all go and READ them before shooting off your mouths about things you know nothing of? gripes me that people always speak authoritatively with no information. stupid, unwashed masses.....

  14. Mitch it is good to see you have some extra time to blog these days. I am so glad you want to speak authoritatively about something. If you are so open why did you give a job to a company that had no experience in doing the job for three times more than any one else would do it for? Why did your right hand man Matt get such a big payout for bringing you this cozy vendor - there were no vendors in Melbourne who could have done this? Why did you try so hard to keep everything under wraps while you were in office? Why would you pay money to a vendor for a product that is due in five years with payment upfront? Why did you give so much work to one vendor if the all the businesses in the county need work? Why would you even hire a vendor to do a job when we have county staff that can do it and equipment sitting in our offices that can do it? Why would you pay a company to do the work who never did it before, buy them a building to do it in and then pay them from your EDC to have the people do it? None of this makes sense.

    So before you get on your high horse and talk about people who know nothing, we are not stupid and can smell a fix a mile away. You are a self serving individual who only cares about lining your pocket at the expense of others and then you have the nerve to ridicule us when we question how you did it.

    Do you ever wonder when it all went wrong. Is it something systemic and you neer really had any business skills and your only virtue in life was the hustle. It is so sad when you look back at your legacy the only thing people will read is this about you and what you have accomplished.

    I would rather you go to your house and wait for the authorities to come knock on your door to take you away then add more to this pathetic memory we all have of your regime.