Thursday, February 14, 2013

Commissioner Asserts EDC Confidentiality Claim "Raises Questions"

MELBOURNE, Florida - The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast has denied a media request for a copy of the original non-disclosure agreement between BlueWare, Inc. and the EDC.  Brevard Times made the request through a series of emails with EDC staff.

District 3 County Commissioner Trudie Infantini said, How can a copy of the non-disclosure be viewed yet the original may not be viewed because the confidentiality agreement is confidential?  Really, what is the difference, so I ask why won’t the EDC show you the original?  The fact the EDC had to contact Ms. Harr in England to obtain a copy of the document certainly raises questions that must be answered.  Perhaps the EDC does not have the original.”
The EDC had previously provided a copy of the agreement to Brevard County Clerk of the Court Scott Ellis that had been faxed from England by BlueWare president Rose Harr. 
Brevard Times sent the following request to EDC employees Dina Reider-Hicks and Adam Lowenstein.  “Several times I have asked for a .pdf of the original non-disclosure agreement between BlueWare, Inc./BlueGem and the EDC.  I have a .pdf of the faxed copy from England.  There has been no response from your office regarding this request.  Can you please tell me if there will be a response?  Thank you.”
Reider-Hicks responded, “As we have addressed previously, EDC files are confidential.”
Ellis, who has been investigating the BlueWare digitizing deal since he was re-elected in November and who has also been trying to obtain documents from the EDC, said, “Now that is hilarious. How can the simple confidential agreement itself be confidential? It is the basis for all else.  It's like double secret probation.”
BlueWare has a controversial contract with the Clerk’s office to digitize court records.  Ellis has claimed in the past that the $8.7 million contract is a “sham.”
No other county commissioners responded to email requests for comment.
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  1. Here we go again. More information that brings to light that something is wrong in Brevard and although the citizens (who pay the taxes), county officials (the ones who are not involved in the cover up or want to be involved in the cover up) won't answer media requests, and the newspaper all want answers to simple questions - cannot get them.

    Every week a new article is printed and still nothing is done.

    Now everyone will write on this blog how this is wrong and something needs to be done, and Kaitlin will say something like - you are going to be sued for making stories up and slander, and Blueware will say we are going to have a press conference to answer all the questions that will never be scheduled, or Blueware will send a press release saying everything is right on schedule (requireed to scan 1.5 million documents by 12/31/12 and they scanned 9,000 is not right on schedule) and HP will deny knowing anything is wrong, and the EDC (who we pay) will say we can't talk about anything to anyone because what we do is so secretive we are not really sure what we do - but in the end - Rose is flying first class back and forth to the UK with her suitcases full of money laughing at all of you.

  2. Did someone tell the EDC that falsification of documents by fax falls into a law adopted by the US in 1872 called wire fraud?

    And by the way - it is punishable up to 20 years in prison.

  3. I don't want to say I told you so - but I told you so.

    We have supposed corruption by EDC and when the questions are asked no one replies if there is political connections.

    We have supposed corruption by BlueWare and when article after article is written about it and everyone knows what is going on when there is political connections it gets dropped to the side.

    I told you nothing would be done on either of these two issues. I can imagine Rose and Linda walking away from a fire with gas cans in their hands and a video taken of them and when they are asked about the incident they say - oh that video - it is not what you think - we heard there was a fire and we just were coming down to see if the firemen needed help.

    But wait you were walking away from the fire not into the fire.

    Oh your video is actually false we always walk backwards to build up our calf muscle so we can wear high heels.

    But we actually wanted to ask you a question Mr. Reporter - do you think someone could suggest we get a reward for our heroic efforts?

  4. I too am very concerned that nothing has been reported in over 2 weeks. It seems the entire issue has been swept under the rug.

    Where is the FDLE on this issue?
    Where is the State Attorney General?
    Where is our reporter - Charles? Is there nothing new to report?

    Charles - can you push the FDLE to discuss the status of the investigation?

    I had even heard the FBI has had some involvement in this case? Where are they with this case?

    I hate to think this carpetbagger from Michigan is going to be allowed to fleece the citizens for over $6M.

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