Thursday, February 28, 2013

Space Coast Economic Development Commission Subpoenaed By FDLE

ROCKLEDGE, Florida - The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast acknowledged yesterday that it had received a subpoena from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement related to their BlueWare, Inc. project files.

The EDC revealed this in a letter to Brevard County Clerk of the Court Scott Ellis, which was obtained by Brevard Times.  Ellis had previously requested the files and the EDC had claimed they were proprietary and confidential.
See: Brevard EDC Cites "Non-Disclosure Agreement" and Confidentiality With Regards to BlueWare Relationship

In part the letter from EDC President and CEO Lynda Weatherman said, “The Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast has received and will be lawfully responding to a subpoena from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) in relation to an investigation they are conducting. The information provided to FDLE may become public record post-investigation providing you the opportunity to review at that time.”
Upon receipt of the letter, Ellis said, “We are anxious to see the files to examine the state incentives and parameters for earning those incentives.”

The FDLE does not comment on current investigations.
As reported in depth over the last year by Brevard Times, BlueWare has a controversial contract with the Clerk’s office to digitize court records. Ellis has claimed in the past that the $8.7 million contract is a “sham.”

Statewide, the expenditure of taxpayer money in the name of jobs has come under fire from Tea Party activists, Florida lawmakers, and the media.  The most expensive and high profile failure of Florida’s economic development programs came to light following the bankruptcy filing of Digital Domain in Port St. Lucie, Florida.
Locally, the scrutiny has affected projects in Brevard County as well.  FLORIDA TODAY, which holds a seat on the EDC Board of Directors, recently reported that for the first time in 10 years a project that was near finalization was pulled by the EDC from the Brevard County Commission agenda.

BlueGem - a subsidiary of BlueWare - has announced two opportunities to view their scanning facilities in coming weeks.
First, on February 27 from 6:00-8:00 pm, they hosted an invitation-only cocktail party “to get to know BlueWare/BlueGEM on a more personal note.”

BlueWare’s address is 202 West Drive, Melbourne, FL 32904.
EDC Letter To Ellis by

Brevard EDC Cites "Non-Disclosure Agreement" and Confidentiality With Regards to BlueWare Relationship

Ellis and Weatherman At Odds Over BlueWare Documents

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  1. Just waiting for one of them to have a High Anxiety moment (hopefully caught on camera)

  2. Does anyone know if anyone of importance attended the Feb. 27th Invitation Only event? Was Scott Ellis in attendance? How about any of the "Dignitaries" that attended the ribbon cutting ceremony last June?

    I am so glad to see the FDLE is still investigating this company. I hope Rose, Kaitlin, and Matt have their affairs in order. I see jail time in their future.

  3. I am not sure anyone attended but those who they hand selected. If you go to their web site there is nothing there announcing the event, talking about who attended or what was covered - wouldn't you promote something like that there?

    The last time they had a big event was the grand opening of their Florida office which was in a parking lot of a rented building they were using. Not sure how grand that really was.

    If I were a politician or dignitary and knew this company was being investigated by FDLE I would stay as far away as I possibly could even with the free gift they were offering - by the way the free gift is most likely a Blueware coffee mug and a book written by Rose called - "How to make money and not really do anything".

    The lack of attendees with significance could be the reason we have heard nothing about this big event. Seems like the invitation list would be a laundry list for the people FDLE may want to talk to first.

  4. You would think they would promote the "Open House" with a press release and announce it on their Facebook and Linked In pages and on their website. I guess they really do not want anyone attending the open house because it is a sham/scam just like everything else this company does.

    Is Blueware actually scanning documents at this new facility? Any idea on the number of employees they have working on the project or the number of documents scanned?

  5. Has anyone else noticed that Rose Harr is off the "grid"? She closed her Facebook account and has not tweeted since Feb. 15th. I wonder whats going on with our dear sweet con-artist?

  6. Didn't know that Florida Today has a seat on the EDC board! No wonder they haven't reported on this story...not to mention how much egg is on their face because they backed needledck. Ouch!

  7. She shut down her Facebook and Twitter accounts because her lawyers advised her that it was not a good idea to have pictures of her popping champagne celebrating the Brevard County deal and bragging about staying in $1,000 night hotels when your only income comes from a controversial account. The company has no other income other than the Brevard County deal and if the contract was negotiated at best price how could they afford all these perks???

    All her employees and family members were advised to take down any references and pictures they had of the party at the Ritz Carlton in London. They had a big celebration for all the Blueware employees - including Matt DuPree - to celebrate the contract.

    She is hiding right now hoping no one took copies of those pages and pictures and all the things they bragged about - utto sorry to say someone kept all the postings. :-)

    You would go dark to if you had something to hide.

    1. Thank you for being smart enough to make copies of all those postings. They may come in handy at the trial or sentencing.

  8. I wonder if the depositions at her Civil suit will be public record??? I sure would love more information on that whistle-blower issue after she parted was with her pal Nick

  9. I saw them all today - Rose, Matt, Jennifer, Debbie and Kaitlin. They were all acting like nothing was wrong and they own the world. They really do not even realize everyone knows who they are and what they have done. I feel sorry for the two young girls - Jennifer and Kaitlen - they have bought into Rose's lies and soon they will be doing time in the orange jump suits just like their idol.

  10. Kaitlin is Rose's daughter and I have zero sympathy for her. She is a manipulator just like mommy.

    Jennifer is just a young idiot who thinks she has it all because Rose spends money like a drunken sailor (no offense to the sailors of the world).

    What I am trying to figure out is what is her new "sales staff" selling? There is no BestBond, it is vaporware.

    1. That comment reminds me of an old Ronald Reagan line where he complains about Washington spending money like drunken sailors.

      He ends the line by saying it is an unfair comparison because "Drunken sailors spend their OWN money."

  11. Great question. The only sales that have been made in the last year are to BCC. Nothing else has been sold. Part of the reason is there is no actual product to sell.

    Jennifer things she is living high on the hog now because she is Rose's little side kick. What Jennifer does not realize is all the money Rose is spending are on things for Rose - Jennifer is not gaining wealth but wasting time. Rose uses people - Jennifer is the newest in that long line. Silly girl.

    There have been the best of the best in sales people walk through those doors and they all leave when they realize it is all BS. Rose always blames them for not following the 23 steps to a sale. The only problem is Step number 23 is delivering a product they do not have.

    When it is all said and done the only constant in this whole mess is Rose. Take the glasses off and see it for what it is - lies of a sociopath.

  12. I had the opportunity to listen to Kaitlin present once. I remember asking my colleague who is this person - she told me it was the bosses daughter. That explained it all. The woman stood there and told us all they were the experts on everything.

    When we asked to see the actual product she was bragging about she told us that it was coming out next month.

    We followed up each month and now 1 year later there still is no product. Does anyone really buy this stuff - wait HP did and gave them a check for $6 million. Maybe I was the fool.

  13. It is interesting to note that at the November 2012 Brevard Workforce Board meeting 5 people were approved as new Board members:

    "Motion to ratify the Executive Committee approval of Rose Harr of Blue Ware, Inc., Robert Bial of Professional Aircraft Inc., Mark Judge of Everest University, Amar Patel of Brevard Achievement Center, and Laura Canady of Economic Development for the City of Titusville as members".

    All of them except our lovely Rose Harr are now on the Board. Did she refuse? Did they drop her? Blueware is suppose to bring 190 high paying jobs to Brevard County. If this were true, she would be a natural for this board. I wonder what the story is. Inquiring minds want to know.

  14. If you live in Brevard County and don't attend the open house on Thursday March 14 from 10 am to Noon and from 4:30 - 6:30 pm and ask where are my digital images from the paper records and where are the scans of the microfilm that we as citizens have paid for...then shame on you... Maybe she will give you her new cars and property that you paid for or that promised "gift"...I can assure you, the Chunky Tiger is laughing at all of you.

  15. The "Open House" is today. I cannot make either one. Would those who attended please give us an update on what you saw? Number of attendees, docs scanned, etc. Thank you.