Ron Paul's Young Voter Popularity Shows Media Bias

Ron Paul's popularity among young voters demonstrates the effectiveness of mainstream media bias because younger voters are more likely to get their news from internet sources than from traditional media which has displayed overt bias against Ron Paul.

It also shows why Congress is so desperate to pass SOPA and NDAA in order to obtain martial law powers over this millennium's version of the Gutenberg printing press along with the people who publish and read it.

In a Public Policy Poll conducted last Sunday night, the Ron Paul 2012 campaign has taken a solid lead over Newt Gingrich in Iowa, and leads Mitt Romney 33% to 16% amongst voters under age 45. Inversely, Romney leads Paul amongst seniors 31% to 15%, while Gingrich takes 18% of the senior vote.

So why is there such a divergence amongst age groups between Ron Paul and Mitt Romney?  The answer could lie in the efficacy of the bias by both the right and left leaning mainstream media where the elites still control the message in traditional media.

Despite the righty-lefty back and forth between MSNBC and Fox News,  Hardball's Chris Matthews is just as much a daily cheerleader for Mitt Romney as the talking heads on Fox.  He is also just as quick to control the conversation of his guests anytime they mention Ron Paul just like his mainstream conservative counterparts. CNN has also demonstrated this campaign season that it avoids talking about Ron Paul.

So, if a person gets most of their news from television where both the right and left talk about Mitt Romney and ignore Ron Paul, which candidate would that television viewer prefer?

According to a Pew Research poll conducted in December 2010, there is an enormous divergence amongst age groups where Americans get their news:

             Internet     Television     Newpaper    Radio
18-29     65%          52%              21%          15%
30-49     48%          63%              22%          19%
50-64     34%          71%              38%          15%
65 +       13%          79%              47%          14%

Not surprisingly then, the popularity of Ron Paul versus Mitt Romney by age correlates directly with where the particular age group gets their news.

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