Saturday, January 28, 2012

Brevard Times Endorses Ron Paul For GOP Nominee

During his Presidential campaign in 1980, Ronald Reagan posed the pivotal question of the time, "Are you better off than than you were four years ago?"

In 2012, the question has changed to "Is America better off than it was 40 years ago?"  The answer to this question is decidedly no for America,  and especially no for Florida's Space Coast.

There has been much talk by the candidates about American exceptionalism. But no candidate, except for Ron Paul, addresses the monetary and liberty issues from which that exceptionalism arose.

When Republican President Dwight Eisenhower signed the 1958 Space Act and Democratic President John F. Kennedy challenged the U.S.A. to put a man on the moon, both administrations presided over a gold standard monetary policy.

The height of American optimism and futurism, embodied by the 1964 New York World's Fair song 'There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' and pinnacled by the 1969 Apollo Moon landing, did and could only occur when the U.S. dollar was as good as gold and the U.S. economy was not shackled by the ever expanding corporate and social welfare state that exists today.


Ever since Richard Nixon took the U.S. dollar off the gold standard in 1971, America has suffered volatile economic swings caused by inflation.  The Federal Reserve's ability to dictate the value of the dollar presents an enormous headwind to business in the form of production cost uncertainty and steals wealth from ordinary Americans' investments and savings. 

Ron Paul is the only candidate willing to end this scheme where Florida fixed income seniors suffer the most due to increased food and energy costs while not being able to earn a sufficient return on their investments to keep up with the cost of living because the Federal Reserve artificially keeps interest rates low while at the same time devaluing the dollar.


Whether it is corporate tax carve outs to special interests by establishment Republicans or tax dollar stimulus handouts to corporations by establishment Democrats - one thing is clear to American businesses: The United States of America is no longer a free market economy. 

In addition to taxation inequality, regulations for political purposes are created to benefit one industry over another such as SOPA which would have benefited Hollywood over the High-Tech industry.  Additional regulations become even narrower benefiting one class of businesses over the other within the same industry. 

With the uncertainty of the value of a dollar, combined with tax and regulation inequality, the American entrepreneurial spirit has been crushed.  What business person in their right mind would want to invest their time, money and energy into a great idea that could be squashed at a political whim through changes to monetary valuation, taxation, or regulation?

Ron Paul is the only candidate who would fight to bring back a true free market economy to the United States.  American optimism and futurism, which ultimately leads to exceptionalism, still exists - it is only being suppressed by the political machines that infect the establishment of both political parties.  Not since the Great Depression has there been so much energy and ingenuity of the American people bottled up just yearning to breathe free. 

Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich both have a record of supporting crony capitalism.  Both candidates supported the bank bailouts.  Newt Gingrich's payments from Freddie Mac during the time of a government rigged housing market enriched the former Speaker at the expense of all Floridians.  Mitt Romney even suggested in the Jacksonville Presidential Debate that he would place former U.S. Senator Mel Martinez in his cabinet.  As reported by Brevard Times, Martinez received his payoff from the banks in exchange for his TARP vote with a plush job from Chase even though Martinez never had any banking experience. 

Adding insult to injury, Romney has brought on Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to the Romney team.  Pam Bondi pushed for a pro-bank settlement in a lawsuit against the banks for the fraud they committed against Floridians and the American people which was rejected by Attorney Generals of other states as being too lenient on the banks.


Texas Congressman Ron Paul stands out in many respects from the other candidates. 

Paul is the only Presidential candidate with military service who served his country as a U.S. Air Force flight surgeon from 1963 to 1968.  Romney avoided the draft with controversial Mormon deferments at the expense of draftees of other faiths.  Gingrich bode his time in college and graduate school during the Vietnam Era.  Rick Santorum was too young to serve in Vietnam.  Given the large number of veterans in Florida, there is a good chance that the men who took Romney and Gingrich's places during the Vietnam War are either living or buried here in Florida.  The last time a Republican candidate without military service became President of the United States was Herbert Hoover whose term included the Wall Street crash of 1929 and the ensuing Great Depression.

As a medical doctor, Ron Paul is the only candidate who actually worked with his hands in the private sector.  Dr. Paul personally understands the patient-doctor relationship.  Paul's combined military and health care careers makes him more like the voters in Florida than any other candidate.

Paul understands the economics that government and government-mandated insurance is nothing more than an unnecessary leach upon the U.S. health care system that ultimately drives up costs for patients and skims revenue from the labor of health care professionals.  Cutting out the needless middleman from health care would ultimately bring down health care costs for all Americans.  It was indisputable by Romney in the last Florida debate that Romneycare, like Obamacare, fines Americans who choose not to purchase health insurance.

Paul is the only candidate who has virtually zero contributions from lobbyists.  Instead, he relies on small donations from thousands of donors rather than million dollar donations from a handful of donors.  Brevard County residents have donated more to the Ron Paul campaign than any other GOP candidate.

Paul is the only unwavering candidate.  His political positions now are the same as they were thirty years ago.  He is the only candidate that Americans can truly believe will carry out what he says on the campaign trail.  Ron Paul is the real life Mr. Smith Goes To Washington.

Ron Paul could have jumped on the corrupt Washington gravy train long ago. But Paul stands up against Washington legislation with the humble courage and selfless conviction to say that this is not in the U.S. Constitution much the same way as Martin Luther stood against the Catholic Church to say the selling of indulgences are not in the Bible.

There is one more thing that can be said about Ron Paul that can not be said of any other candidate.  If you want to know how Paul feels about a particular issue, you do not have to go to his campaign website or research newspaper articles.  Instead, you only have to read a copy of The U.S. Constitution.


If the Republican Party nominates a draft-avoiding, crony-capitalist, anti-gun, pro-choice, socialized-medicine candidate over a strict free-market Constitutionalist who served his country and carries our his political office with integrity, then the Republican party might as well change its symbol from an elephant to a wooly-mammoth now because that party will become extinct.

If instead the Republican Party and America sheds corrupt Washington politics by electing Ron Paul to the Presidency of the United States, there could once again be a 'Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.'

Brevard Times is pleased to join the Independent Florida Alligator in its endorsement of Ron Paul for the Republican Presidential Nominee.

Suggested Reading/Viewing before voting on January 31st:

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'There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow' sung by Walt Disney and the Sherman Brothers:


  1. Thank you! A very insightful article and very timely. I hope my fellow Floridians will read it carefully and THINK before they vote on Tuesday.
  2. The next election is shaping up to be as big of a sham as the last. Do you know why Sarah Palin's bus tour was really canceled? Do you know why she stayed 30 miles away from the second debate and chose the death of Steve Jobs to announce that she's not running? Know what leaked out? Sarah Palin and Cain aren't in the race for the same reason, the truth leaked out.
  3. Excellent endorsement. I am a registered Republican of many years and I have hated what our Party now does and represents. Boone seems to want to say it, but our Party has been corrupted, just like its supposed rival the Democrats.

    Ron Paul is the first presidential candidate in a long while that I trust with my vote.

    What rips my heart out though is how the media, through either corruption or misguided paternalism, refuses to give him the same level of coverage that they foster on others.

    I fear that if the establishment continues to fight reform like they have been they will stir up revolution. People need to feel as if they have some control. The corruption is obvious. Feelings of impotence lead to rage. The last thing this country needs is to breed our own terrorists like the Weathermen. We need to be allowed to have peaceful reform.
  4. Excellent article!!

    Love this:
    "If the Republican Party nominates a draft-avoiding, crony-capitalist, anti-gun, pro-choice, socialized-medicine candidate over a strict free-market Constitutionalist who served his country and carries our his political office with integrity, then the Republican party might as well change its symbol from an elephant to a wooly-mammoth now because that party will become extinct."
  5. This is a great article. You point out the differences between the candidates so well. You articulated why we can depend on consistency and integrity with Ron Paul as President. It's because he honors his oath to the Constitution.
    In comparison, Romney has to ask his lawyers, or as in one debate, deferred to Ron Paul, the Constitutional scholar to answer.
    Gingrich follows the teachings of Toffler, and wants to get rid of the Constitution. He is a member of PNAC, and the CFR.
    His only financial backer is under investigation for ties to the Chinese mafia, and SEC violations.

    I hope Florida will support the troops by supporting the man the troops support and respect, Ron Paul. He gets 83% of all donations to GOP candidates. They are having a march on Washington DC next month to show their support for Ron Paul, and to dare the media to ignore them, "can you hear them now?"

    Ron Paul is supported by your fellow citizens and military. About 1/2 million small donations by your friends, neighbors, relatives, and coworkers, and the troops who protect us. Please, join us in your support for Ron Paul, with your votes. This is We The People against the corruption.

    Floridians, please, vote for Ron Paul. He can get this out of control government back under control. He is going to cut $1 Trillion from the budget, and strengthen Social Security and Medicare. For your kids, for your grandkids, please vote for Peace and Economic stability. Please vote with your hearts, in full knowledge of how important it is to act now to get rid of the Patriot Act, the NDAA, SOPA - and take our civil liberties back.
    Ron Paul will insure that happens. He will protect you and yours from needless, bloody, corporate wars. He will bring about a sound monetary system that benefits us all.
    When you go to vote, and put that vote in for Ron Paul, you will smile. You will feel great about what you have just done, maybe for the first time ever after voting. You will know that We The People will have a great and wise statesman as President for the first time in most of our lifetimes. I won't settle for anything less than Ron Paul. I hope Florida feels the same way I do. No more corruption.
    And, Ron Paul can beat Obama.
    Vote FOR RON PAUL 2012 * To save our nation
    1. Boy you hit the nail on the head with your reply too ...nice job!
  6. Excellent article. progressives are switching parties just for one year, in order to vote for Ron Paul. Ron Paul's appeal crosses party lines, something to consider if you want to vote for someone who can challenge President Obama and win.
  7. Great article! I hope that people in FL who vote for Ron Paul will take a short video or photos of their electronic vote for Dr. Paul. It would be advisable to video your photo ID and then video yourself entering your vote and submitting it. We will set up a website soon to send your proof of vote to us, so we can attempt to prevent the vote manipulation that has gone on in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. If you have a cell phone with a video camera or a digital video camera, please let your friends use it as well, who may not have one...and please show them how to use it. It is unfortunate that we must do this, but it is very important.
  8. More good news to spread about Ron Paul
    Florida primary preview on special one-hour "Political Connections" Sunday on News 13.
    Most Recent Viewer Polls1528af13-32cf-41a7-b25d-cb9f2ed7c1bd
    Who do you think will control Congress after the 2012 elections?

    Democrats (21%)
    Republicans (50%)
    Will Remain Split (28%)
    Who do you think won Thursday night's GOP debate?

    Mitt Romney (33%)
    Newt Gingrich (18%)
    Rick Santorum (12%)
    Ron Paul (38%)
  9. Your editorial is excellent. Tea Partiers made a great show of independence a few years ago, arguing that the GOP's leaders had gone astray with big spending, bailouts and debt. They were right. With this election, they get to make a real stand with a vote for Dr. Paul. Will they, or will they go back to voting for more spending and debt just because these policies could again carry the GOP label?
  10. As a Brevard County native and son of a 35 year space center employee father and a 40 year space program grandfather, I will only vote for Ron Paul. He would not have allowed our space program to lapse the way Obama carelessly has. With all of the stupid programs and government waste that Obama has blown money on, for him to let the space program decay like this is unforgivable. Gingrich and Santorum cannot win without the votes from Paul supporters and they will NEVER get them. If you don't want Obama, you'd better vote for Paul.
    1. Note too, in the debate, that it was only Paul that had a reasoned answer for why he would continue the space program... national defence. The other candidates had the look of "Why didn't I think of that?".
    2. Especially when Brevard Times gave the candidates the answer before the debate: "All four candidates will have to balance their dual message of cutting federal spending while also supporting a U.S. manned space program during tonight's debate. This will probably be done with the argument that U.S. supremacy in space is vital the the country's national defense."
  11. Independent, non-establishment press like this need to unite. The MSM would never report on the true Ron Paul, if they did, it would be a landslide victory for Paul.
    1. There is one media outlet that did a great job during the SC Primary:
    2. I noticed fitsnews even before SC.
  12. We have a winner! Way to see thru the smoke and mirrors and choose what would be ACTUALLY better for the American people.

    Ron Paul
  13. Three Cheers for the Brevard Times!!!

    Very Heart-Warming to see all of the love here for Dr. Paul. But be aware, there are as many or more individuals working to keep Dr. Paul from securing the Nomination, so we must fight every minute of every hour of our free time to help Dr. Paul get his messages of truth out.

    Four years ago, I wanted the U.S. to kill every Muslim on the Planet, out of ignorance, watching reruns of 9/11 and listening to and believing everything the "Talking Heads" on TV said. In 2008, I thought of Ron Paul as being weak on Defense and Unpatriotic. Nothing of course, could be further from the truth. My carpool buddy of many years was a Ron Paul supporter and would say to me: "Well you know, we might not be in this mess if America would've elected Ron Paul in 2008."

    So I set out on the Internet to get what I thought would be "evidence" to shut my friend up about Ron Paul. What I've found is: Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul is a true American Hero and perhaps the most Patriotic American in this Country of ours. It was both saddening and enlightening to me to discover the truths of Ron Paul and..., that he has been telling these exact same truths to the American Public, against debasement and derision from his enemies and his colleagues in Congress as well, for over 35 years. I was saddened because I realized that America's Foreign Policy has long been to create false propaganda to start wars for the purposes of controlling other Sovereign Nation's territory and it's natural resources (oil). I was saddened and angered at the thought of all of the innocent people who were killed, maimed, lost a loved one, or displaced from their homes, or forced to live without electricity or running water due to our bombings, under the false guise of "spreading Freedom and Democracy."

    Conversely, I was "Enlightened beacuase I finally discovered a genuinely honest, non-corrupt, non-wavering Public Servant of the People in Congressman Ron Paul. Ron Paul has cured both my ignorance of America's immoral and illegal wars of aggression and my apathy as well. He has "activated" my soul and I am a much changed and better person and citizen for having discovered his message of Liberty, Peace, and Prosperity.

    So you see, because of the Media Blackout and Establishment bias against Ron Paul throughout the years, the majority of the American People were kept from hearing these truths. Like myself before, they get their "truths" from their newspapers, their well-meaning Church Pastors, or the "Talking Heads" on TV. It took the Internet for me to be able to "receive" and discover the absolute truths of Ron Paul, and that is what it will take to sway the anti-Pauls and the Paul disbelievers. We must show them the truth of Ron Paul's messages that are published (for now) on the Internet.

    In an effort to help in that regard, I've created a Pro-Paul website which contains all of the research I did on the issues of the past and the present with regard to Dr. Paul's positions on these issues. During my research, I observed that a lot of people were referring to Dr. Paul as a "kook" or "kooky." So I thought I'd give my site a "name with a twist" to entice the 'anti-Pauls' into taking a peek and reading far enough to want to learn more about Ron Paul.

    So folks, please visit and pass along: kookyronpaul dot com. My not-for-profit site has some great videos, articles, and historical infor beneficial to everyone, regardless of political affiliation.

    Peace, and Ron Paul in 2012!

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