Monday, April 23, 2012

Brevard County Clerk of Court Debate in Titusville: VIDEO

TITUSVILLE, Florida -- The Republican Club of North Brevard hosted a debate between current Brevard County Clerk of Court Mitch Needelman and former Brevard County Clerk of Court Scott Ellis on April 17, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at the La Cita Country Club located at 777 Country Club Drive, Titusville, Florida. 

There will be another Brevard County Clerk of Court debate hosted by the Melbourne Area Federated Republican Women’s Club on May 2, 2012 at 11:00 a.m. at the Holiday Inn located at 8298 North Wickham Road, Melbourne, Florida.  RSVP is required for this debate by April 27, 2012.  Call (321) 727-1212. 

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A video of last week's debate can be viewed below:


  1. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    Nothing Scott said at this forum was a lie. He turned an office around that was upside down when he came in office. He made the office work up to state expectations and standards and everyone was willing to work with him and for him because he treated ALL employees equally. It is a shamble now because Needelman has made everyone feel like second class employees and he doesn't care how he treats them as long as his agenda is met. He did not need to bring in extra people with their high salaries. He has only done these things so he could talk about what a great job his team has done for the office. People do not want to work under him for another term and I guarantee you there will be many more resignations due to his callous treatment of them. You do not see people knocking down the doors to work there now. It is not a good place to work when people come to work every day dreading that they have to be there. As for the people he OUTSOURCED, which he is so proud of, those people, some of them had 25 to 28 years of service under the Florida Retirement System and that service with FRS was terminated when he outsourced them. They have some of the worst benefits anyone could have in a government office. All new employees are hired in as an employee of the Outsource company instead of a Clerk's employee. He has sacrificed the integrity and experience of the Clerk's office by hiring the extra people who were not necessary but will NOT replace those leaving for whatever reason, thereby, putting undue strain and stress on those who have to stay on just because they need a job. I have never seen the office in the shape it is in now because there is so much turmoil going on all the time, the employees do not know what he will do next or who will disappear after a long term of service to the Clerk's office. As for Michael McDaniel, who so gallantly stands up for Needelman, happens to have been made the head of the Finance Department when Needelman came in. McDaniel was second in command at that time and was willing to be bought in order to move up in the regime. If I had gotten a raise like he has gotten, I guess I would have to speak up for the benefactor also, but is a low blow for him to now speak badly of Scott when he supposedly was very loyal to him when Mr. Ellis was in the office. This letter comes from someone who just retired with 22 years of service for the clerk's office and knows what the office is like now as compared to what it was before Needelman came in.

    I hope all who read this will take into consideration what I have said because I have heard him build himself to make his office look so good and it is indeed a daily torture chamber for all those who work there unless you have sold out to his ideas and regime.

  2. A down economy is a terrible thing. It seems to me that Needelman did what needed to be done so the majority could keep their jobs. There was an article just yesterday about how there may be more cuts to the clerk's budgets around the state. In a perfect world, everyone would get to keep their jobs, benefits, and have some security in retirement. Sadly, this world is far from perfect, and people are lucky just to have a job. Needelman has kept their jobs for the most part and they still have benefits, which many people do not.

    1. It is true that everyone is thankful to have their jobs but there are many who have left because of his disregard for the employees. Many of those had a lot of experience which cannot be replaced quickly. One of my biggest beefs is that he hired 4 people who were not necessary at huge salaries while he cannot replace those who have left because the office cannot afford to hire people who actually do the work. Because he will not replace those who leave, the office is behind in the time standards set down by Tallahassee and what most people don't realize is that when those standards are not met, the state fines the office for every day it is behind.


  4. Martin Brenner for Mayor. End the "good ol boy network"
    and bring in a new vision, new industry and a new future for our kids. Time changes and now Titusville needs to. Titusville has made it difficult for new business to come in, promoting agendas that are self serving not what's best for our citizens. Since the 70's the eggs were put in one basket, now it's time to diversify, clean up the blight and decaying structures and create the next waterfront community with charm, shopping and natural assests.