Sunday, August 12, 2012

Needelman: Ellis Complicit in Extortion Plot?

Mitch Needelman
Scott Ellis
Letter to the Editor submitted by Mitch Needelman:

In a recent opinion piece posted by Scott Ellis in Florida Today, he once again attacked the Blue Ware contract to digitize Clerk’s records. He has been doing this regularly throughout the campaign, even going so far as to file a lawsuit regarding the matter. Until recently, I believed that these assertions were simple campaign dirty politics, and regarded them as such. But in an e-mail partially released by Ellis in that opinion piece, the source of his allegations has finally been revealed, and it is shocking.

A disgraced former Blue Ware employee, who was terminated for embezzlement and who has been trying to extort money from the company and its owner ever since, has been Ellis’ source of these false and possibly criminal accusations. According to the complaint filed with The Michigan State Attorney and Wexford County Prosecutor, Geaney began to attempt to extort money and property from his former employer almost immediately following his termination for embezzling thousands of dollars and attempting to usurp Blue Ware clients for his own private business schemes.  Documents show he threatened several times to interfere with the 2012 election if his demands were not met.

Nick Geaney, who has been living in Michigan on an illegal foreign Visa since he was fired from Blue Ware Inc., has incriminated himself in threatening emails as the pivotal key informant for Scott Ellis’s accusations. But what is most disturbing is that there are questions about when and how much Ellis knew about Geaney’s crimes. Ellis involvement is sure to be investigated along with Geaney’s activities.

The e-mail distributed by Ellis as the lynch pin to his alleged Clerk’s contract conspiracy failed to include the opening paragraph of the original content sent also to Blue Ware and Clerk’s Office staff, which included Geaney’s threat that if his former boss did not meet his demands, he would send his tale to media and law enforcement officials and to Mr. Ellis. It would seem that Ellis deleted this crucial first paragraph intentionally. Why else would he not quote the document in its entirety? Following Geaney’s threat, (which has been turned over to Michigan authorities) he outlined his story, which in addition to being remarkably similar to previous allegations made by Ellis, was also verbatim for the final message sent to the media by Ellis. Collusion seems evident.

This, in addition to the fact that Ellis has also quoted from internal Blue Ware records which have been reported to law enforcement as stolen from Blue Ware by Geaney, and which Ellis would have no access to unless received from Geaney, indicate that Ellis has either been in contact with or perhaps even in collaboration with Geaney throughout his attempts to blackmail his former employer.

Ellis timing of his release of this information, just a few days before the election gives credence to the threat to “interfere with the 2012 election”.

Further incriminating is that Ellis removed the post shortly after it was leaked on another blog that Geaney was going to be investigated. Who but the guilty tries to cover their tracks?


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Mitch Needelman and Scott Ellis are both candidates for Brevard County Clerk of Court.  Their candidate profiles can be viewed here: Republican Primary Candidates Brevard County Clerk of Court