Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scott Ellis Sworn In As Brevard County Clerk of Court

TITUSVILLE, Florida -- Former Brevard County Clerk of Court Scott Ellis is back at his old job today after being sworn-in at the six-story Brevard County government complex in Titusville, Florida.   Former Clerk Mitch Needelman left the office at close of business yesterday.

Judge Jack Griesaum - Left, Scott Ellis -Right

Ellis was cheered by about 200 in attendance, many Clerk employees, after he was sworn in by Brevard County Circuit Court Judge Jack Griesaum.  It appears that many employees brought their leftover New Year's Eve noise makers to the ceremony. 

“We will go back to making more information available online for free, saving both the public and the Clerk’s Office time and money,” Ellis told Brevard Times before today's ceremony.  “Turning off many of the contracts signed by the current regime will save well over $1 million annually. 

“More regular workers will be added in place of the excess management and bogus contracts being paid.  They will cost less than what is being subtracted, and we have to make it work as currently the office is being overspent through the long term contracts and the hiring of over 30 people after the election.

“I expect our overall staffing levels to be roughly the same.  We may have a few more employees who do the work, but the few additional employees will be a saving over the excess management now leaving the building.“

One of those contracts - the contentious court records digitizing contract with BlueWare, Inc. - is a focal point of Ellis’ changes.

“The Clerk (outgoing clerk Needleman) unlawfully borrowed $6.1 million from Hewlett Packard and fronted Blueware $5.7 million for their five year contract.  The $8.3 million for digitizing will be over, unfortunately with more than $1 million already gone down the drain,” Ellis said. 

Ellis noted that many of the upper level management are resigning, but there are still salary issues to be considered.

PHOTO and VIDEO by: Bobby Socks