Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Do Drivers in Brevard Really Know How To Drive?

It was a nice sunny Sunday afternoon, I was taking a walk down to my local convenience store for some fast football game necessities. I needed to cross the street, so I pushed the button for the street signal to allow me to walk across.  After waiting for what seemed like five minutes, it was my turn to go, my walk signal turned on.  I started to walk across the street, when out of no where a pick up truck comes racing out, squeezes by me and the sidewalk, and barely notices as he almost runs me over. Of course he is yapping on the phone and driving probably 20 miles over the speed limit while making a turn as he is doing this???

Did he even see me?  Did he even care?  This maniac way of driving around here seems like it is only getting worse no matter where I go in the area.  I am from New York City and have lived in Melbourne for almost 8 years now, but I swear these drivers are worse.  In New York City the cars go from light to light,and only go 15-25 miles per hour, not saying it wouldn't hurt...OUCH!!
 But here in Florida, their racing way faster and it is much more dangerous.  Is it me or are people getting so impatient around this area that they will do almost anything to get by you?  Cut you off, run you over, speed way over the limit or simple give you rude gestures.  

How about going into a drive through window at a local fast food establishment, and having a car completely race and cut you off to get in line for some fast food garbage.  I just can't explain it?  When I moved here I thought the beach and the sun and all that goes with it would mellow people out on the road...I was wrong.  

Have we forgotten that are cars are not our playgrounds/business centers, where we do everything but drive.  Have we forgotten that we can kill or seriously hurt others with a simple drive to the store. 

Would we put up with someone waiving a loaded gun around?  No!, But we forget that we can kill or hurt others with a reckless vehicle just the same.  With all our gadgets and wires, it seems like the car is becoming a place where people believe they are in their own world. No one can touch them until that fright full day when the music stops and the phone call drops, and the sirens are blowing.


mannard74 said...

Everyone needs to HANGUP and drive. Pedestrians have the right of way. Expect them to be dumb monkeys and walk in front of you at any time.

RainyDayRunaway said...

Florida's main problem is the lack of driver's education required to receive your license. A teenager can get their learner's permit at the age of 15.5, practice with their parents who have zero training in proper education for a short 6 months, take a 15 minute skills test and are then set off on their own with no further guidance. I moved here from Washington state where there are state regulated instructors and schools that every single driver is required to attend if under the age 18. As a result they have a very low incident rate and have far better, attentive drivers. Yes, cell phone use is a huge symptom, but a major problem is lack of basic driver's education.

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