No Bond For Accused Cop Killers

Brandon Lee Bradley
Andria Michelle Kerchner

SHARPES, Florida:  22-year-old Brandon Lee Bradley and 19-year-old Andria Michelle Kerchner appeared in court today for a bail hearing at the Brevard County Jail in Sharpes in connection with yesterday's shooting and killing of 52-year-old Brevard County Sheriff's Deputy Barbara Pill.

No bond was given to either defendant on the grounds of the 2007 Florida Anti-Murder Act which prohibits bond for certain violent felonies.

Both defendants were appointed public defenders.  However, Kerchner was appointed a conflict attorney because she is a co-defendant in the same case as Bradley.

Kerchner was the most vocal during the hearing saying, "I wasn't the one who shot the gun" and "its not like I'm going to get out of a speeding car."  She seemed confused as to the severity of the charges, asking "So am I bondable or not?" Kerchner also asked the judge "When do I get to put on regular clothing like the other inmates because I'm freezing? To which the judge replied, "That's between you and the Sheriff."

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