“Florida Man” Documentary Filmed In Brevard County

Screen grab from Florida Man

COCOA BEACH, Florida — A documentary directed by Sean Dunne entitled “Florida Man” was filmed in Central and South Florida.  However, “Florida Men” were apparently easier to find in Brevard County because a large portion of the footage in the documentary was filmed here on Florida’s Space Coast.  

Many of the scenes have recognizable backgrounds such as street signs for State Road 520 in Cocoa and Ridgewood Avenue in Cape Canaveral, the Indian River Lagoon, fishing off a bridge in Titusville, and local establishments such as the Cocoa Beach Pier and Lamp Post Lounge.  

After performing a song during a “Big Daddy Karaoke” night, one Florida Man in Cape Canaveral turned political.   “We have no We The People anymore,” he said.  “We The People are fooled.  What We The People need to do is kill 1%.  If we all want to get down and kill billionaires, and this is the truth, then it can be stopped.  But that’s the only way it can be stopped.  Otherwise, there is no We The People.  The only President that I believe that was duly elected in the last thirty f***** years was Ronald Reagan.

Another Florida Man called “Mr. Sexy Cocoa Beach” details how he was able to have a sexual tryst with two women on the supporting planks underneath the Cocoa Beach Pier.

The entire documentary can be viewed for free on VIMEO here.

(NSFW warning: A woman flashes her breasts in the Lamp Post Lounge scene and there is profanity throughout the documentary).

Originally published on March 15, 2015


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“Florida Man” Documentary Filmed In Brevard County

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