Florida Woman Goes After Man With Ax For Refusing Sex

Leslie Mills of Ocala, Florida

OCALA, Florida - A Marion County, Florida woman allegedly pursued a man with a hatchet in hand after he refused to have sex with her, according to an Ocala Police Department arrest report.

According to the report, 26-year-old Leslie Mills came home after a night of drinking. A man who was staying at the same residence was asleep in a bedroom when Mills woke him up to engage in sex. The man repeatedly denied Mills' advances and he left the bed to sleep on the couch in the living room.

Mills then allegedly followed the man to the couch and sat on top of him, again requesting sex. The man then left the couch and went into the bathroom and locked the door.

Mills then managed to push the door open with a hatchet in hand and a struggle between the two ensued. Mills allegedly raised the hatchet in the air to strike him but the man was able to take the hatchet away from her.

The man then slid the hatchet across the ground and fled the house until deputies arrived.

When deputies did arrive, they saw the hatchet returned to its wall holder and Mills dressed in only a bathrobe. Deputies noted that Mills appeared intoxicated.

Deputies determined that she was the primary aggressor in the altercation and arrested her.

Leslie Mills of Ocala, Florida

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