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Florida Man Challenge: List Of Florida Man Stories By Date

VIDEO: Florida Men Exchange 12 Rounds At Intersection, None Injured

Florida Man Beats 7-Year-Old To Death For Getting A Cookie

Florida Man Rigs Door To Electrocute Pregnant Wife

Man Attacks ATM For ‘Giving Him Too Much Money’ In Cocoa, Florida

After Arguing About Trump and Puerto Rico, Florida Man Shoots Step-Daughter

Store Owner May Be Charged For Shooting When Florida Man Stole Beer

Florida Man Threatens Man With Machete To Go Steal Beer From Walmart

Florida Man Calls 911 For Ride To Hooters, Gets Ride To Jail Instead

Naked Florida Man Steals Swan Statue

Florida Man Sues James Cameron, Claims Titanic Movie Based On His Life

Florida Man Loved That Chicken From Popeyes, Hated Price, Shot Employee

Florida Man Bites Dog, Then Brother

Florida Man Had Daughter Sell Pot Brownies At School

Florida Man Naked In Driveway Because ‘It Was Hot Outside’

Florida Man Steals From Walmart, Uses Shopping Cart As Getaway Car

Florida Man Charged With Picking Magic Mushrooms While Carrying An Alligator

Florida Woman Sets Boyfriend On Fire

Florida Woman Goes After Man With Ax For Refusing Sex

Florida Man Blows Off Hand Attempting to Re-Light Firework

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